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    xbox360 Na patron pass & dlc not working

    360na pp and dlc not working... Please fix this ASAP

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    Players on PC/NA are saying the same thing

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    Unless it's a weird coincidence, it looks like there is a problem with the game servers getting data from the account servers (which hold purchase details on DLCs in classic Defiance … or classes in 2050).

    Multiple games are being affected:

    So … hopefully they are already aware of the situation and looking into it.

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    PC NA and Europe. No patron, DLC and bits at zero.

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    PS3 EU. No patron, bits at zero and 4 of my 6 toons got lost!
    Only the 2 toons i played at last are still there.

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    It's also not possible to send a ticket...support and glyph account are not available at the moment...............

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    Wow 5 days and nothing. What are they doing playing hide the bone on top of the servers............

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