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    Updated gear for selling

    As the title says


    T5 CN Precise Mass Blaster elect t5ed good rolls 12m
    T5 CN Berserk Plasma Blaster syph t4ed 4m
    T5 FOP Fatal Attraction bio t4ed 4m
    T5 naked Bore FRC Studge elect 2m
    T5 SC Ex Inn Inf-27 bios t4ed 2m
    T5 Pandemic t5ed 2xdmg 17m
    T5 UD t5ed 7m
    T5 HS Vbi Short Barrel Shotty elect t5ed 1m

    Mods all T5
    Det dmg brl ID 300k
    Sniper recoil stock MG 300k
    Inf strain reloader mag PI 400k
    Inf sight PI 400k
    Det stock PS 200k

    Mods all t4
    Rocket launcher dmg brl HS 100k
    Rl dmg brl SC 300k
    Rl dmg brl SB 300k
    Rl scope RC 300k
    Rl scope QW 300k
    Rl stock SC 300k
    Inf dmg brl Bore 200k
    Inf dmg brl HS 200k
    Inf expander mag PS 200k
    Inf expander mag SC 200k
    Inf sight HS 200k
    Inf dmg brl Reso 200k
    Inf recoil stock Bore 200k
    Inf recoil stock CE 200k
    Inf recoil stock QW 200k
    Det reloader mag HB 200k
    Det reserve mag ID 200k
    Det reserve mag PI 200k
    Det reserve mag QW 200k
    Det sight ID 200k
    Det stock Bore 200k
    Det stock RC 200k
    Det stock HB 200k
    Det stock CN 200k
    Pistol mobile sight CE 200k
    Pistol mobile sight RC 200k
    Pistol expanded mag rad converter SB 400k

    All prices are negotiable, just lmk which gear or mod you want and I'll be aware of your petition.
    Hv a nice day
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    Cuz price adjustment
    IGT: VVinch/ PS-NA

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    Interested in the CN MB and PI infector sight.

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