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    Exclamation List of bugs that I found + some suggestions


    -Healing bot pulse heal from chaperone synergy creates "damage effect" on player

    -In shop guardian and combat medic class have switched icons

    -In pvp engineer turrets and drones cannot be destroyed by other players (OP AF..)

    -Crusader's hammer doesn't have any swinging and smashing sounds

    -In loadout, the weapon's mod icons are not working properly. It never shows if ammo mod is equipped and sometimes on other mods too. For example: I equip a mod on a weapon and it doesn't turn on one of the small blue icons next to "weapon type icon".

    -At the end of the "gunslinger arenas" try agin option button doesn't work (at least on 101 keys arena)

    -You cannot see Guided RL in your inventory. Only way to equip them is through loadout

    -Mod fusion's are completely broken. They act like the bonuses are infinitely stacking leading to extreme accuracy, recoil etc.

    -Weapon with the precision torment shows cosmic resonance "pop up activation text" (pop up texts like when you activate ability and it pops up the ability name on your screen)

    -Cosmic Resonance applying on weapons without any mod fusion

    -Mods are not showing any stats, all values are 0

    -When you are under lvl 50 you still can do contracts. The "Contract Update" progress tab appears on your screen with number of kills or whatever thing you need to do daily contracts. For example: mutants killed 52/150

    -On my second character that i made to replay story missions, any item that i picked up from the ground (weapons,shields etc.) during main mission would not be added in my inventory. Don't know if it was just me or it was only a lag thing . (i was ego lvl 8 and bellow and PR 183 and bellow)

    -There are numerous invisible walls in the middle of the map up on mountains. i was exploring mountains with my friend and there was invisible walls blocking our path. Iknow that there are some on mount tam and some on the mountains between crater and bloodbath turnout

    Some suggestions:

    -Back in d13 you were able to play castithan arenas w friends just like the gunslinger ones. It would be nice to have it back :/

    -Option to replay story missions

    -To have some different stuff in secret vendors

    -I know you guys said that trading is probably not going to make it into d2050 but it would be awesome to trade with others

    -And most importantly please make more bugfix updates . Do not let us wait for another event to have some of the bugs fixed.

    I really love this game and i'm still hoping it will get better so please at least try to improve or fix some of this stuff.

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    Hi there,

    Thank you very much for reporting these bugs. Be sure they'll be forwarded to our IT guys.

    Have an awesome day!

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    Also something going with the tempest weapon everyones using, it is causing starfall to to rain down on enemies. I thought I'd try it and I put the tempest in my loadout, added the predator synergy 1300 pl and with the pumkin patch I went to a HB final. As I used the tempest on the bugs it triggured a massive amount of starfall on the enemy and at Dark Matter final everyone with a tempest were killing Bullwarks and Dark Matter they were dropping like flies fast. I then tried the tempest and pumpkin patch with the backlash synergy and it was working as it should and i agree both Cosmic and Predator synergies work with none specific weapons and it needs to be looked at. I too enjoy this game but feels cheated out of place position due to this new bug going around in D2050.

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    I completely understand you. These will be reported!

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