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Hello everyone it has been sometime since i have done a video about any game i am playing but due to the request of friends clan mates and a few folks on the forum's i figured i can try to explain the best i can about teaching or showing others about builds for defiance2050. this build is just a setup that i run everyday wile i play defiance2050 and hoping it will help out others in the long run. i am not a video editor so please bare with any video flaws you might see during the video. i also would like to include that the current build revolves around the precision weapon (AR) main weapon and the predator crystals that were active during the motherload event. now i'm pretty sure builds will change along the way as more weapons,mod's,events enter the game but for now this is the best..... i tried my best with the video hope it helps anyone... Class: Crusader Weapon: Precision Retaliator Crystal's: Predator All 6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0pVCg4njFk
I think your video is great I'm sure it would be super useful to many players. Have fun!
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