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    Sniper hotshots changes since 10 hr downtime

    I love doing sniper hotshots... and I know quite a few of my clanmates do not like doing them.
    I encourage them to do them and try and give tips....


    What on earth have you Devs done to the sniper hotshots? Can you go in game and try them out?

    When you could do very clean headshots and certainly kill as they exited the doors, and the timing was perfect - the hotshot was nice and enjoyable to complete.


    Since you had that 10hr downtime and did something.... which we are still awaiting explanation for.... and what exactly did you guys do?

    I am finding that I am failing the hotshots...

    Cannot kill the enemy coming straight out of the doors.
    The Enemy are rubber banding all over the place.

    The sniper hotshots are now a mess.....

    Please check them out and sort something....

    Will let you know if any of the other hotshots have any problems as and when I get round to doing them...

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    Rubber banding enemies is an major issue in all areas of 2050 i find. Trying to shoot a target often seems like trying to force magets of the same polartiy together. Skipping left and right even up and down at times, looks totally terrible , makes the game feel very unfinished. It might have to do with lag but It also seems like an attempt to make enemies more diffcult but it is very poorly executed . Raider moves right, but animation is for movemeny left, etc. Try to lead with a shot and time it right and the enemy stutters all over the place. It likely one of the very first flaws any new player will notice when they start playing. It been like this since 2050 lauched, sightly better or sightly worse , but always present, it's just bad programing.
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    Raiders have been teleporting left and right on PS4. It's probably the kind of things that works a lot better on PC, but on console, raiders were a hell to fight when leveling up.

    If they started rubberbanding like all the other units on the map it's gotta be terrible. In the open world you can just use shotguns and detonators and you'll hit something, but with a SR I must say this has got to be terrible.

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    1. My primary weapon swaps to my secondary (and sometimes back again) while shooting in combat. I already remapped my 'swap' key to another key far away from where my hands are, after the problem occurred several times, and the remap was days ago. It still happens just as often.
    2. Ark falls near the green houses at Verdent Ridge have turned into a slide show. I can be the only one there, and haven't entered combat yet. It's just the area at the crossroads. The screen freezes for 2 to 3 seconds every few seconds.
    3. My character will stop in combat and turn to face me 6 or 8 times in 10 feet traveled, while trying to run at an Ark Fall event. It easily happens every other Ark or so, and can happen at the same Ark a minute or two between sequences.
    4. Sometimes the weapon I'm using will spontaneously stop after a reload and firing the first shot of a 10 round shotgun mag and, reload again.

    These 4 issues started happening after that same 10+ hour reset/migration/whatever approximately 2 weeks ago.

    I updated the nVidia driver after the first few days hoping it would solve the problems.
    It made no difference.
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    I have lots of opinions.
    Some of them, on occasion, people have agreed with.
    I do not trust those people.

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    It is a Mystery~
    I've seen them rubberbanding a bit more, but for me, I found it easier to hit them today compared to the last time I ran the Sniper Hotshot at Bolina's Smeltry (hitting shots seemed to be...snappier...cleaner...? not sure the word to describe it; also the last time I ran this hotshot was before the 10 hour downtime). Although I did notice that when I ran out of ammo, it did not end until after the whole Hotshot was through, so that's another thing that I see was different.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ctss3xxy View Post
    ..Since you had that 10hr downtime and did something.... which we are still awaiting explanation for.... and what exactly did you guys do?

    Issues I have been having on PS4 since the 10hr downtime:
    - Yup, more rubberbanding and lag. Not to mention, less players and more lag sooo that's weird. Enemies seem to stick around too when they die sometimes, frozen dead.
    - I try to Matchmake for COMPETETIVE and it throws me into a storyline coop with newbies under ego level 50 (lol). It was funny the first two times, now it's just getting annoying.
    - Keyboard issues, Ill have the type box blinking but I can't type on PS4 (this does not happen in Warframe, my Keybaord is not broken)
    - A positive think that has happened, it seems like I can actually turn my vehicle in the air now easily.. not sure if I am just getting better at driving in this game though, lol.
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    Hi all, thank you for reporting these issues. I will forward them to the devs so they can have a look.

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