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    D13 game is lagging so bad

    how long r we going to wait before they fix the lag on the d13 servers as the game is a joke now as we cant even get to map or teleport to another location without waiting 2 to 3 mins even just looking at iventory takes a long time to load. an the game play is also so bad an its the worst. even if your playing game alone the lag is very bad and the more players in your area the worst the lag gets. and if theres more then 4 players in 1 area the game lags out for more then 5 min or crits u out of game

    r u even trying to fix the game or even care the game is so laggy now or no how to fix game

    or is the game not making enough money for u to care anymore so u almost make game unplayable to try to get us to play 2050 just to make us buy everything all over again to make more money of us

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    Totally Agree-defiance is absolutely unplayable already 1 mnth of xbl gold wasted !!!!....& No im not buyin a xb 1 jus 2 play dat 2050 game ya'll threw together either

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    LOL you think they care??? As long as they're bleeding money out you they're happy... Gamingo will never upgrade the servers, they'll never add anything to the game, they'll just keep ripping you off just like Trion

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    at least trion dropped more jps and kept the game working well all the time. when trion was running game I used to get 1 jp a month but now I have not got a single jp since they took over the new crew that took over this game have done nothing but mess this game up as there so cheap and put the game on a cheap server so we cant even play game with out even lagging out. maybe there trying to kill the game of by ripping us of and making the game so laggy its unplayable

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    Yeah I noticed they've lowered JP drops, it's to get more people to use the store so they can grab more of your £££

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    they need to do something about all their servers?

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    This game is in the worst state that I've seen. I've been here since day one, so that is saying something.

    Give it a mercy killing or fix the lag. Please pick one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Jack Shepard View Post
    Give it a mercy killing or fix the lag. Please pick one.
    Yeah, I'll second this thought.
    Defiance 2050 = 2018's worst cash grab. 100% fact.
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    Imagine thinking a recycled event is more important than server performance in 2021.

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    I think they no how to fix the server but don't want to as they just need to use the same type of server they where using before and not the cheaper 1 there using now. but it all comes down to lowering costs an not about loyality

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