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    Message from the Customer Support team 23.09

    Hey all!

    Right now the Customer Support team has some issues processing your tickets. During the data centre migration, the internal tools with which the Customer Support team works with went down. We did not expect to have such a long downtime on these tools and we do not have an ETA yet.

    With this, I'd like to remind you all to NOT bump tickets as it will put your ticket at the end of the queue and to NOT create multiple tickets with the same issue, this will give the support team even more work as they will have to work on multiple tickets of the same issue, from the same person. Basically, doing either one of these will not speed things up but on the contrary, it will make things even slower.

    We will keep you updated when these tools are restored.

    Thanks for your understanding,
    The Defiance Team

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    There has to be a better ticket system. I literally was very told by a CSW that I would have a certain item in my claims the next day. It never arrived. I waited an entire week to respond back that it never arrived. I heard nothing for a month only to then be told I could receive said compensation from the dev team. see had an FOP syn Mass Blaster full t5 to syn just disappear months ago which I immediately submitted a ticket on. I waited two months to get a response. I was told I could get another MB and the mods as compensation and that it would be in my claims in a few days only to keep an eye out for an b entire week to say I never received the item only to get a response another month later that said compensation couldn't be given. Then I was assured I would get af and pg as compensation but I would not receive such until your game tool twas back up and running but that there was no ETA on that happening. Your customer support... well it quite frankly sucks and I've been down this sad deep dark rabbit hole before with those games support when it came to a t6 mm canker that glitched and list it's rolls but the t6 and mastery roll after making it a supreme weapon. I was refried any form of compensation for that ordeal I could go on in detail about however since there is a thread on that I made a year ago it's pointless. Maybe it's all just pointless because you treat your customer/player base so poorly.

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