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    hp printer support

    All knows that Hp is a very renowned computer and electronics brand, HP Printers are the best printing solutions existing in the market with maximum computer compatibility. HP printers proffer top-notch quality services to the home user, personal or even for daily users in offices.

    if you have any kind of issue regarding your hp printer support then you need to link up with hp printer support

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    HP printer ink is too damn expensive and they actually got sued by some people for putting a chip in their ink cartridges that'll break your printer if you put non-hp ink in there even tho it's the same thing. They would shut your printer off remotely for not buying their stupid ink lol

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    Another report filed.

    EZ PZ

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    Ah great!

    I shall start searching inside my HP printer for Py! Hopefully the little devil is in there somewhere with lots of nice stuff to buy. Claw hammer at the ready :-)

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    Congratulations! Your JP's now come with automatic updates!


    Updates may delete all your ammo and/or stop functioning completely and blow you up. In this case send it to customer service for a full refund!

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