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    Quote Originally Posted by Pax View Post
    Hello Ark Hunters!

    We have some important information about the team.
    First, we'd like to introduce 2 new Community Managers for Defiance!

    On top of this, a new Product Manager reinforces the Defiance team.

    Please welcome CM Pax and CM Medjed as well as PM Sarenya to the team! Woohoo!
    CM Pax and CM Medjed will be your main point of contact for both games of Defiance.

    What about the other CMs? Selene, FireWarrior and Erinnyes will start working on other games from now on. We will miss them in the Defiance CM team but we also wish them good luck on their new adventures.

    Please, give our new Team Members a warm welcome!

    Best regards,
    Your Defiance Team

    Great........some more new, useless people who aren't familiar with the games. I can't wait to be lied to, then ignored, by them too.
    Liam Devlin - Leader/Chaos Crew D50

    "To boldy go where no fist has gone before"

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    Lol Really! I personally won't miss either one of them! And firewarrior who? What did he do here? Nothing right! They were pretty much all useless! I don't think they even played this game! Nice people im sure, don't get me wrong. But as community managers. Not so good!

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    It is a Mystery~

    The Cycle Begins Again...

    Farewell erinnyes, Selene, and FireWarrior... thanks for doing what you all were able to do. <3 Welcome to the new CMs Pax and Medjed, as well as the new PM Sarenya! I hope you all enjoy things here...

    Light Energy here expressed similar thoughts that I had when I read this post, so I'll use it as a point-of-reference.

    Quote Originally Posted by Light Energy View Post
    Brilliant. I think Gamigo / Gamigo US deserves a wooden spoon award.

    So what is the "rationale" behind the constant CM rotation?

    • Is it so that CMs never actually become familiar with the game, its jargon, its features, its bugs etc?
    • Is it so that CMs never actually become familiar with the players / community?
    • Is it so that when we try talking with a CM, they don’t really know what we are talking about and can rarely give us a straight answer about anything?
    • Is it so "Gamigo – player" relations are always unstable, inconsistent and tenuous?
    • Is it so CMs might feel reluctant or unmotivated to put in 100%, because they know they will probably moved on to the next game in 6 months?
    • Is it so CMs feel like crap being constantly shuffled around, having little job stability / consistency?

    Anyway, farewell to the outgoing CMs. Hope you get to enjoy and stay with your new games a bit longer.

    Welcome to the incoming CMs and PM ... hope you get the opportunity to get to know this game inside out and actually get a sense of attachment to it, so that you actually care about the game and the community.
    Out of the 3 most recent community managers who are no longer working on Defiance...2 of them (FireWarrior and Selene), as they stated themselves, were not on for long. The other one, erinnyes, she was around for almost a year (75% of a year to be more approximate)...which, although not erinnyes's fault, I feel hurts the community some. Moreso now that, aside from Mobi, the cycle starts all over again. The CMs have to get at least somewhat familiar with the game(s) and the community...which I speculate would take months before a good general idea happens (I was guessing by the time the new year hit; it could always take less time than that though). So while that is taking place... there are the devs, and Mobi that can relate to the community issues.

    I see this...cycle... as a good and a bad thing. Good because it shows that Gamigo is still willing to support both Defiance games. Bad because it likely means that the CMs won't get more familiar with both games until, I am guessing...somewhere between December - the start of the new year. Perhaps it may take even longer than that. I will say that a new Product Manager is nice, since as far as the community has been aware of, there hasn't been one on the team since May [also possible that Sarenya has been around for a little while now and wanted to get more familiar with the Defiance teams (developer, community management, as well as everyone else working on Defiance/Defiance 2050) before introducing themselves here].

    The way that I see it, this...cycle of CMs coming and going, is something that is a major concern with the Defiance community. Although I did not get more involved with the community here until summer of 2018, I have personally seen this cycle happen frequently since the transition last year (and I read it was like that with Trion Worlds too in the past few years...:/ ). Over the past 9 months, we have had a few community managers get put onto Defiance and be moved onto other things.
    1. Tidbitz whom was here for approximately 3 months.
    2. Zyra whom was here for approximately 5 months.

      before counting this thread, the community may include 2 others, which were for more than 1 game, but I'll reference them anyways.

    3. AnneBonny (unknown what happened, if anything happened at all)
    4. Fasti (unlike the other known ones, Fasti left Gamigo/Gamigo US)

      and now in this thread, we have 3 community managers leaving Defiance/Defiance 2050 for other games.

    5. FireWarrior, whom was here somewhere between 2-4 months based off of their last forum login and this post (going to lean more towards approximately 4 months though).
    6. Selene, whom was here for approximately 3 months.
    7. erinnyes, whom has been here for approximately 9 months. In terms of time and knowing the most about the game, I would have to give that to erinnyes...

    Now that brings us back to today's post, where we have 2 new community managers replacing the 3 that we had as part of the last cycle... I understand business reasons as to why this is happening. It just...sucks for the community. :/ By no means is this an attempt to dissuade the new community managers coming in; this is just my way of sharing some of the community's frustrations...in regards to this matter. Once again, Light Energy hit up some similar questions that I had, so those can be used as a point-of-reference. To specifically Gamigo/Gamigo US: There is a very passionate community here, so I hope that is kept in mind when reading posts that others are making here. The frustration, that I am noticing, isn't specifically towards the new CMs, but rather at you, Gamigo, that this keeps happening... :/ I hope you can give the games the attention they deserve, because even with all of the issues...the Defiance series are some cool games. <3

    Also once again, a friendly welcome to the new community managers (as well as the new product manager) joining the team. I hope you all (Pax, Medjed, and Sarenya) enjoy the games; see y'all later. "Defiance!"

    PS: I'll do more of a introduction response in another post.
    "Knowledge is Power" however "With great power, comes great responsibility", and so one must tread carefully with life. I would advise you not follow me, unless you want to be guided to holes in the ground and have your video game character die. I am just your mysterious guide. That is all that needs to be known down here. Defiance!

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    The main point I want to make to the Defi community at large:

    Lets not start shooting at the new guys any time soon.

    At least let them have a decent grace period to grab a shield and figure out how to hunker down.

    Welcome, new guys.
    Please read the archives, and get some kind of idea as to what we, on this side of the servers, have been dealing with, and the kinds of issues we've been facing, so you'll have an idea as to what some of the communications mean and why some of the people here have become 'slightly' jaded.

    Defiance can be a tough place to live, and a fun place to play.

    Welcome to our world.
    These are just my opinions.
    I have lots of opinions.
    Some of them, on occasion, people have agreed with.
    I do not trust those people.

    Mid E-5XXX main, but I played 26+ 'toons from E400 to E5500. (Dormant)
    2050: Lvl 499X main

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    Welcome to the sh*t show! Enjoy your stay! Maby we will finally get some good communication. Not holding my breath. We have been down this road many times now!

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    Welcome now try and log into game and than play. You have a lot of work ahead of you so good luck

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    A big welcome to the new CMs. You will have a lot on your plate(s). Please tell the dev team about Py being empty. Py being empty is a big reason why people have stopped playing. Please bring Py back the way it used to work. Earning purified gulanite each week was the reason to play so that we could buy something from Py. Arkfalls timeout now quite a lot because players have no incentive to do them. So far this week, after the server reset, the arkfall in Mount Tam has timed out, despite my best efforts. There will be posts, nasty posts, about CMs and the game in general; ignore them. There are nasty players in this game, like in all online games. But please, new CM people, put pressure on the devs to sort out Py first, then the events.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crasher View Post
    Lets not start shooting at the new guys any time soon.
    Ya Ya. Newbies are all we get new to shoot at these days. So let's not spoil what little fun we have left us.

    Besides my comments on the subjects in the forum are rarely ever directed at the CM's as such. They know nothing so why bother. My comments at large are for Gamigo because let's face the facts if Gamigo wanted to communicate with us they would have done so long ago.
    Quoting Crasher; "You're really not even trying, anymore."

    Really lad it is just a lack of consideration and communication as always. In the larger scheme of things their customers do not matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Light Energy View Post
    So what is the "rationale" behind the constant CM rotation?
    If you start with a new company representative public relations speaker it diminishes your old mistakes. It was working for awhile here with the new CM's we just had and I was happy seeing better morale around here but Gamigo didn't do anything to correct anything! We had new CM's and we were hopeful and most of the negative people were suggesting things instead of just ranting but it blew up in their face because they didn't fix anything and now we are starting again! Maybe this time they will get to work on both Defiance games and get it right!

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    Who gives a f*ck about CMs? Are they gonna fix bugs or keep the game from lagging like it's run on a commodore64? No, then I ask again: who gives a f*ck?

    Communicate about what? A game you can barely play because your car won't spawn and it takes about 30 seconds to switch gun or reload? And then when you finally manage to get a gun with some ammos, the enemy rubberbands all the way to Kansas and boom, you're dead from an invisible enemy that was behind you all along?

    Come on, fire all of them, then use the money to hire just one programmer who can make a difference between an if and a while.

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