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    The Defiance Team is changing

    Hello Ark Hunters!

    We have some important information about the team.
    First, we'd like to introduce 2 new Community Managers for Defiance!

    On top of this, a new Product Manager reinforces the Defiance team.

    Please welcome CM Pax and CM Medjed as well as PM Sarenya to the team! Woohoo!
    CM Pax and CM Medjed will be your main point of contact for both games of Defiance.

    What about the other CMs? Selene, FireWarrior and Erinnyes will start working on other games from now on. We will miss them in the Defiance CM team but we also wish them good luck on their new adventures.

    Please, give our new Team Members a warm welcome!

    Best regards,
    Your Defiance Team

    Quote Originally Posted by Erinnyes
    My little pizzas,

    It pains me to say Goodbye to you all as I loved working with you so much. You guys have taught me many things and I would like to thank you all for this. I'm sad that I will not be part of Defiance as I grew fond of this game and the amazing and passionate community that you are.

    New opportunities beckon as I will now start a new and exciting journey on ArcheAge and Trove!

    I hope that in the future I will be able to see you on an Arkfall (you will not get rid of me that easily haha)

    Missing you already,


    Quote Originally Posted by xFireWarriorx
    This might come as a surprise, but I have not been able to devote as much time to this game as I would have liked. Today I say goodbye to Defiance as I begin my new role as Community Manager for Ironsight.

    Your new CMs are eager, competent, and fun! I hope you'll still have a great time playing Defiance and Defiance 2050 for years to come!

    Quote Originally Posted by CM Selene
    Hi all,

    I am here to say goodbye. It wasn't a long journey, but definitely a memorable one. I had fun while working on this project and I sincerely hope to have helped some of you.

    Now, other projects are calling me. You can find me on WolfTeam and Ironsight, so come and say hi if you wish on the respective Discord channels. You are probably not happy about all these changes, but have faith and be assured your new CMs are two extremely responsible professionals.

    Have fun!



    Quote Originally Posted by Sarenya
    Hello Ark Hunters,

    My name is Sarenya and I am joining the Defiance Team as the new Product Manager. I’m glad to be part of the Team and am excited that I finally get to work on a shooter game.

    A few words about me: I like playing games of all sorts whether they’re video or board games. Although I play many other genre games, I prefer Ego Shooter, MOBA, and MMORPG. My career started in the gaming industry as a Game Master. At gamigo, I started as a Community Manager and then soon after moved on as Product Manager for another game title. Now I am very happy to be at Defiance, especially since I get to play the games that I am working for, so you might see me incognito in Defiance. 😊

    If you have any questions feel free to contact your Community Managers as they are eager to answer your questions and forward your feedback as well as your suggestions to the Product Team.

    I look forward to working for you on the game since you are an amazing Community.

    Good luck and have fun!


    Quote Originally Posted by Pax
    Do I have a signal?... Perfect.
    Pax signing in...

    Hello Ark Hunters,
    our Headquarters has sent me as one of the new reinforcements on the battlefield.

    For over 10 years, I've survived many battles and am an experienced fighter. Having skills and stones with both very heavy and very light equipment, there are many roads to justice killing the enemy on sight.

    I'll join you on the battlefield soon. But first, let me check my new gear and test it on some of these HellBugs. Who would have imagined my assignment would be to kill bugs, heh? Silly, isn't it?

    Si vis pacem, para bellum.

    Quote Originally Posted by Medjed
    Hello Ark Hunters!

    I‘m still new to the Defiance games so please bear with me while I complete my main missions.

    Something about me? I like to play games. Mostly RPGs, adventure games and shooters. I always spend a lot of time choosing an appearance whether it’s a gun’s skin, vehicle or a brutal soldier’s hairstyle. I also would never skip an opportunity to eat some hamburgers and chips therefore, if you’re planning a pizza party, invite me in and I’ll bring some snacks with me! But then a workout will follow… but it makes me happy, hah!

    Now it’s time to grab my rifle and take down some waves of Mutants!

    Looking forward to meeting you all!

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    And here we go again... exit old CMs, enter new CMs.

    SMH my head


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    comical, you can’t make this **** up

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    Guess this is what qualifies as an event, DLC, or expansion in Defiance these days? What a joke.


    SMH my head

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    Let me interject one word; Communications. Without it you have nothing to offer. Sal out...
    You can stop dead by hitting a rock and no problems but god forbid you hit a chicken.

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    Brilliant. I think Gamigo / Gamigo US deserves a wooden spoon award.

    So what is the "rationale" behind the constant CM rotation?

    • Is it so that CMs never actually become familiar with the game, its jargon, its features, its bugs etc?
    • Is it so that CMs never actually become familiar with the players / community?
    • Is it so that when we try talking with a CM, they don’t really know what we are talking about and can rarely give us a straight answer about anything?
    • Is it so "Gamigo – player" relations are always unstable, inconsistent and tenuous?
    • Is it so CMs might feel reluctant or unmotivated to put in 100%, because they know they will probably moved on to the next game in 6 months?
    • Is it so CMs feel like crap being constantly shuffled around, having little job stability / consistency?

    Anyway, farewell to the outgoing CMs. Hope you get to enjoy and stay with your new games a bit longer.

    Welcome to the incoming CMs and PM ... hope you get the opportunity to get to know this game inside out and actually get a sense of attachment to it, so that you actually care about the game and the community.

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    Uhhh I can clairvoyance. That's why I'll just say goodbye to the new CM's/Trainee's. They change anyway faster than my underpants.

    I am already waiting for "the new ideas" threads... rofl

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    I will miss you Erinnyes. Today, I am going to eat pizza �� just for you. It's been fun. Take care my friend. You was a chill CM and the coolest pizza I ever met [Inserts tear Emote here].

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    Ya'll take care Fair winds and all that. Soooooooo, no reindeer at Christmas I take it?
    The Screaming Beagles
    [SIGPIC]Retired Sr CWO, somehow got dragged back into the fray


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    Welcome and I hope you know how to understand the rigor of our threads. We are waiting (quite a while ago) for news about the two versions of Defiance, good luck.

    ID: Alahali671 - PSN: Fingers865
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    (The sig-tag is another creation of Tau)

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