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    xbox 360 North America (cm/dev)

    Xbox 360 North America is still lagging since the migration.

    Is anything being done about this?, Xbox 360 EU had the exact same issue and it took 5+ months to "fix" (it's still bad only thing fixed was inventory and vendor lag)
    So what's the hold up? Google cloud issue?,gamigo dev issue?,Xbox 360 issue?...
    All other platforms/regions seem to be up and running like before migration, yet 360na is left in the dust.

    Also what is being done about our compensation for the 2 weeks of down time? I had a patron pass monthly since I started playing this game 4 years ago, but I refuse to buy anything else until this game is back to normal (before migration)

    Your losing paying customers daily due to the latency and customer service imo...

    Thank you
    *Xbox 360 Na*

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    ^ the burning questions and answers a lot of us seek
    Live by the sword, die by the sword.

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