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    d13 sever is a joke

    I don't even think they care or r trying to fix the d13 servers as they just don't give a ---- anymore

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    Pretty sure thier caring ended when 2013 did. Hasnt seen a real fix since. I mean we have provided pages of bugs since and most if not all still remain. Yeah i know it sounds ****ty but time to move the herd to greener pastures this ones nothing but ****.

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    ps3 na servers are wacky laggy.

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    Who doesn't love freeze frame pvp?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DEATHBRINGER210 View Post
    ps3 na servers are wacky laggy.
    Yes very bad lag or SOCIAL BUGS
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    I was playing it last night for about 2 hours, worked just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LAPDAlonzo View Post
    I was playing it last night for about 2 hours, worked just fine.
    not for xbox 360 unfortunately. lots of issues going on there. :/
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