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that info is kind off interesting and also very weird for me as freelancer developer, what tools we talking here exactly what lacks work for make game updates

exporting 3d objects to the game from game engine?? as that is only issue what i see but don't fool me


don't have 3d object makers like Blender, 3D Max, Lightwave ... ?

don't have Visual Studio, Delphi, Python ... ?

don't have gimp, Photoshop, Paint ...?

don't have proper game engine like Unity, Unreal Engine, CryEngine ... ?

don't Have FL studio, ...?

don't have Motion Tracking tools ????

don't have Laser scanner for import 3d objects from real world??

don't have PC ?

to i missing something more what needs to make game?

don't have Humans

don't have game engine for d13 anymore?
Yep! Makes no sense to me either! I'm tired of hearing about these internal tools that are broken!