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    wts weapons(ps3 na)

    T6 t5ed Witch Hexer 25m
    T6 T5ed Lacerator 10m
    T5 Putrefactor 7m
    T6 Dc11 Piper 9m
    T5 T5ed Dc10 Leaping Lord 5m
    T5 Hematophagus 5m
    T6 DC8 Milking Maid 12m
    T5 Heresy aa naked 2m
    T6 T4ed Slay Bells 9m
    T6 Beserk Plasma Battery syn ST 8m
    Offer on T6 abaddon's touch
    T6 T5ed Fatespinner 11m
    T6 Warmonger 8m
    please pm me if your interested

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    Your t5 proliferator what is it ? Is it the infector or the assault rifle ?

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    its is the ar and it was sold today srry. putrefactor and dc10 and boiler are
    the infectors.

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    Do you still have witch hexer I'm interested if you do

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    no srry.. everything on tht list is sold but if u gt an electro rig or mayhem barrier im willing 2 mke an offer

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    scxpe find me on defiance (dec 10) i might know a guys with the goods
    Quote Originally Posted by Medjed View Post
    I can say that this petition will not bring you anything.
    Whatever your goal is D13 is not shutting down so there’s nothing to discuss about compensations.

    They don’t care about loyal players customers no one.
    You walked right into that Thx medjed

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    free bc i hv no scrip left or weapons lol

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