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    Outside Roanoke, in Virginia, on an actual pc.

    Does Gamigo stay on (US) DST, or do the clocks change for the dailies?

    I forgot what happened in Defi2013, and I wasn't here for the last 2 changes.

    Any help?
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    Firstly, I would generally recommend to any friend, clan mate or new player that the quickest way to find out this kind of thing is to log in and look in game .

    You can look at the countdown clocks for the daily contracts and work out what time the contracts reset each day from that. It’s a useful way to double-check whenever there is a clock change in your region (and it’s helpful when talking to players in different parts of the world).

    Recently (last weekend) the clocks went back one hour here in the UK (from BST to GMT / UTC, BST is like your DST). I guess it is / was something similar in the USA today?

    In game (PC EU anyway) the daily contract reset time generally stays constant regardless (the server times stays constant relative to UTC, unless Gamigo decides to change the server reset time manually etc). So ... that means the contract reset time here changed from 8PM to 7PM (so in about 20 minutes from now). If the same applies to PC NA, then the contract reset time will be one hour earlier than it was a few days ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crasher View Post
    I forgot what happened in Defi2013, and I wasn't here for the last 2 changes.

    Any help?
    Reset of contracts was 2pm central time! It looks like it is 1pm now for reset on contracts. As of 2pm we started having issues with the server, not sure if this related to the time change! Servers are down now at 2:30 pm central time. Everyone was booted, and can't get past character screen!

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    Here in France reset is at 07.PM but still still showing the day before contract in about 30 other minutes so real daily reset is 07.30. PM
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