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    How about bumping up the DPS on all Detonators in 2050!

    In the original Defiance Detonators were beast! On 2050 they are really under powered! I would like to see these boosted up! The best boomer you can get caps out at just under 40k. It really needs to have more DPS! I have assault rifles over 60K and shot guns over 80K. So is there any reason why the detonators are so weak? Is there anyway we can get these bumped up! This is an open discussion if anyone wants to add to this!

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    Detonators are already strong enough. Their DPS are calculated based on hitting a single target, but with AoE, you need to multiply that number by the amount of target you hit.

    Of course, if you use a detonator against a single mob, you're behind compared to using a rifle. If you use it against a 10 targets in a confined area, your 40k DPS becomes 400k, easily beating the rifle.

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