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    More lets downs, bit store fail. Vendor fails.

    So i was excited for hh, mainly because i wanted more of the special event skin released last year. I play on ps4 and soon as the event started and perodically since i checked in store to see about getting more skins, i didnt see any. I assumed the were not avaible this time around. But now i see on the defiance home page you advertized that the event weapon skin were actually on sale for a few days. But what use is a sale if the items dont make it to the store. I just shake my head i wanted to contributed to 2050 and buy a few bits, but i gues my wallet will continue to stay closed. Oh and by the way , last year skins were also available in the paradise vendor, vets are pretty much all sitting on a heap of paradise rep since there is only 1 proto, and 40 rep for 1 pg is a terrible rip off. So poorly thought out.
    This game is so full of currencies that are worthless since the corresponding vendors do not have enough relevent items. The commendtion vendor (play for a few months you will get all classes,and vehicles, so you buy salvage you dont need or blue mods that go right into the trash , paradise vendor has nothing and is gone when the event is. also skins vendor (was just brought up by another player as well), skins are not shown and the 2 types worth buying are priced way to high so that most players will never bother with it because its totally unatainable since the only wat to get shards is from duplicate skins and there are not many way to buy skins in the first place. The the remainder of vendors have such terrible rng they may aswell have a delete currency option because that pretty much all your doing when you spend your hard earned rep. Oh and the super low currency caps only devalue things even more. These points i think are one of the main reasons most 2050 player quit after a week or 2 , the game does a great job boaring players , and making contracts feel pretty pointless.
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    Paragraph man, paragraph.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Irwin View Post
    These points I think are one of the main reasons most 2050 players quit after a week or 2, the game does a great job boring players, and making contracts feel pretty pointless.
    Quoted for truth.
    Defiance 2050 = 2018's worst cash grab. 100% fact.
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