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    Quote Originally Posted by MONKEYKING View Post
    Seems to me the drop system from d13 is in play here. You know the one based on a system of TRADING. Not much players can do with 5 of the same mod and no weapon to put them on or vice versa. But what can ya expect from cut n pasted code.......
    Sounds right

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackIceWidow1 View Post
    No one can explain why my results are better and yours or someone else’s is better than mine. Not in this game.
    RNGesus completely disagrees with this.

    But hey... you do you.
    Defiance 2050 = 2018's worst cash grab. 100% fact.
    Medjed: "Trust me, we will do our best to avoid any unanswered questions"

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    HH event was a trash and caches wasn't random. Some peoples maybe got lucky to get fully their weapons with mods but in general you want something go to the store and damn buy it . If you spend 100$ at least you get what you want but the problem is that the game is garbage and not Worthing 1$ . if you didn't bought stuff from horizon event it's cretin to do it with Halloween event. All has Nothing to do with effort .

    By the way i spended more than 2300 PG (if you don't buy PG from the store that the max you can get I even bought 4 or 5 PG from paradise vendor to complete sometimes the 12 nedded for event caches) in all near 200 event caches and got often the same craps , purple granades , sanguine ammo ( I don't even know what that is) , alot of things that has nothing to do with the event (shields...) 5 same polished crystal (so 4 of them become chromatic dust) and13 times the same mod (rocket launcher mod and I never used a rocket launcher since I started the game , so funny ). And Peoples still talking about effort , random !
    I kept only one shotgun (with 4 purlpe fair mods )and all other things went to garbage.

    This game will be soon kicked out of steam because they're thief's and you don't get what you buy, you get what they want you to get.
    I was happy when they didn't say like always " because players like it we will add another week to the event " .
    The only thing brought with this event is that all players now are near lvl 5k due to string missing or so called "server boost" ( it doesn't even has meaning server boost lol did the server get steroid injection ? And they're no more in servers due to the migration to cloud)

    All is bugging in the game (log in , enemies doesn't appear, hacker all over the game new players with 600 monolith down with sniper lol its crazy what you see with those hacker codes , co-op is often lagging ....) everything except the store .

    I didn't expect one day to say this but Fortnite is 10 years way better than what's gamicrap got D2050 to (oh I forgot that CM's don't know the difference between D13 and D2050 so am talking about Defiance 2050)

    clan FR

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJRJ35 View Post
    Idk man

    But if it works then my religion is same as Max It

    The point is: I'm not going to spend 100 euros to buy lottery boxes, if I liked gambling I wouldn't be in D50 but in some poker site, I don't think I'm the only one, this idea could bring them some money. If they only read posts and are smart enough

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Fenian View Post
    where am I going with this? MODS!!!! GD MODS!!!!!
    Obiously gamigos came up with the idea that if they give weapons without mods people buy boxes. This remebers me a very old movie where there was this witty guy giving canned tuna for free on a desert island to sell tin openers for gold

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