I've recently put a few comments in on the "Medjed: compensation thread" on pages 11 and 12... in particular post #112 which serves as a precursor to this. I will try NOT to repeat most of that, and just hit the main points I'm recommending here for improving the 12 PG event caches, that are also sold bundled in 50 and 100 packs.

I've long held they are weak and don't provide enough value in paying $$ for the 50 and 100 packs. Having seen the RNG distribution from PG caches over 3 events running 4 alts in each event, lends some perspective.

I'm just... boggled... how anyone paying for those can find enough of value in them when most of it is right off the top vendor trash.

From Gamigo's perspective... making the PG caches more valuable would have more players buying them.

Sure we would obtain better items in game, but giving us better guns to WANT to mod up better, or if we had a genuine improved shot at getting the OJ versions of guns we wanted with that synergy via buying the 50 and 100 packs... I don't see how Gamigo loses.

Having implied/said the same, in many threads during each prior event for that matter... here are my proposed changes.

Guns: just remove blue rarity from the pool. No one's building those into playable guns. We want more chances to find guns in the types we enjoy shooting. We want more looks at those guns, due to random bonus rolls making most of those types we ARE seeking sub-par. More looks at getting what we are hungry for, means more people think they can find them buying 50 and 100 packs.

Shields: the same, no more blues. Other than new players, no one uses them. Decrease the overall frequency of shields propagating from the caches... we want guns and mods to put them in. Take that 25% chance down to 10-12%... something like that... roughly speaking.

Grenades: more of the same, no more blues. Same reason. Same decrease in overall chance to earn one as with shields. We only use 1 grenade per loadout and 2 guns. Why are grenades more frequent than guns currently? Drop them to 10-12% occurance as well.

Synergy crystals: actually I think the current percent chance is spot on here, even on rarity, even with on average only getting 1 flawless per event for every other alt is normal. Actually, increase the chance of higher rarity on those Paying for either of the bundles. It's a bit rediculous to pay and get nothing but useless dust, which has happened to me twice now. It does NOT give me any reason to buy more.

Mods: I actually have something entirely different to propose than the above mentioned RNG changes. What I am proposing is... additional, NEW 12 PG mod and weapon caches we can buy during the event that are specifically for each of the 4 different weapon types: High Cal, Mid Cal, Explosive and Shotgun.

Player only wants High Cal guns and mods? Go for it. I'd suggest removing the possibility of a Prime from these. Otherwise some players will only chase their one preferred Prime, or 3 if they chose the Mid Cal gun cache, 2 if explosive or High Cal, and change to mods once they have it. Gamigo's monetization kinda breaks down if you don't, then again, the chances are silly low anyway. Perhaps, increase the % Primes dropping from the primary generic 12 PG cache.

Additionally, Gamigo, you could sell on the bit store cheap $4-5 packs of 5 mods, all from the mod type you are after, one mod from each mod slot. Someone wanting to pimp out their PRIME with better purple and OJ mods could buy a dozen and try to perfect that new Prime they are so happy RNG blessed them with. You have OJ mid cals but missing mods? A new Prime that is short mods? Buy a few sets from the bit store and problem and the wait is solved.

PRIME 100 cache gun: give players a chance to improve their odds on what they seek. Since there's 8 types, give people 8 boxes to choose from, and 2 checks they can put to BLOCK what they DON'T want.

Why? RNG shows people get PRIMES from the event. They may not want to pay for another. They can block two PRIMES they may already have or don't ever want to begin with. They'd be more inclined to take a shot buying the 100 cache if their odds were better.

Similar poor RNG has hit other players, I'm far from alone in this occurance. The following 'insult' in the example that follows below could have been prevented with my suggested system. Paying customer satisfaction is something worth improving, yes, Gamigo?... even if it still is the immensely unsatisfying gambling mechanism... at least implementing my proposed mechanism gives paying customers SOME choice over what they DON'T want.

So these are my proposals. Chime in ark hunters. Let the dev's know what you think of them. Add some of your own, including tweaks to mine or completely different ideas.


The following paragraphs just flesh out more of the reason I'm posting this today. It's not constructive towards the post. Some of you might find something common in it, however... including a good laugh at my expense.

Take my example from this past Hulker Hell. My main and another alt (I've got 4 total) each got the Prime Magnum. For a few reasons I bought a 100 pack for my main. Yes, despite all my repeated arguments against gambling boxes and the poor value of the RNG distribution and 85-90% of everything in it is vendor fodder. Yes, I still pulled out the card.

My PRIME was ANOTHER MAGNUM. Even my guaranteed OJ... was another Cleansing fking MAGNUM. I like magnums, I own magnums, but I don't use magnums, other than as one pistol option for the random daily.

Frankly, the entire 100 pack was a complete donation to Gamigo. There's maybe 6 blue mods I will use from it. That's it. I met none of my goals, nor even close from buying it. For example, what good are 15 more shotgun mods when from both the event and the 100 cache there's no purple or better Cleansing shotgun to mod. Sorry, I even got both OJ and purple shotgun power bores and no where to put them.

What good is 37 more grenades when I use only 1 grenade... out of the 30+ in my full 2050 inventory.

I made sure everthing from the pack went into claims (actually the crystals didn't, they just converted to dust since none were an improvement over what I'd already earned from the 4 weeks of the event) so I could better track my results. Everything's still there in claims. I needed a week of shaking my head over just how rotten that RNG/luck was.

Seriously, Gamigo. Why would I buy another?

Do you like money from your customers? Give them better value. You might see some yourselves.