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    the term "black friday" is use by everybody in business; from food truck to mega-business,etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Medjed View Post

    Please also consider that I’m a human and I cannot install all the information instantly therefore I learn from the community. You share your feedback and we have a topic to discuss within our team. Thanks to you I know the actual feedback towards Pumpkin Patch and how to use Senbonzakura. Something like this cannot be learned through reading the database. So until then I'll try to figure out how to plug a USB port into VHS.
    Sorry if we offended you, we have nothing against you but against gamicrap and we all know that CM has nothing to do with the way gamicrap treat the game. So we talked to you as one of us (players)
    It will be a good idea if do us a videos how you play , we already know that you're not lvl 5k or near still good if CM show to players that they are in a game feeling what players feels about bug to fix .
    CM Pax in PVP not a bad idea also .

    And the USB thing it's just a joke between friends don't take personally.
    clan FR

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    Quote Originally Posted by Medjed View Post
    So, you found it out. At some aspects I am in charge for Twitter posts.
    But it doesn’t mean that whatever you see there is made by me. I may bring some content to Twitter, respond to your tweets and may provide some assets and videos if needed. But please remember that we are team and there’s not just me taking care of Twitter.
    For this topic, I thought it was pretty obvious (don't think it needs to be a secret ). I noticed how the Twitter post style changed when new Gamigo CMs were introduced for the first time (around the end of 2018). It makes sense that the CMs roles would cover social media, it's not typically a job for the devs (I thought Mobi was probably doing it around the time 2050 launched).
    There are some occasional spelling and grammatical mistakes, but I think you guys are trying your best. English can be a confusing language.

    Quote Originally Posted by Medjed View Post
    Regarding the Black Sales... We cannot unlawfully use the term that was registered as a word mark. And besides a new name doesn’t involve the sold content. Under some condition you can put something racist into any phrase that has 'black' in it, even soccer can fit into this description. Though we might consider changing it to a Hellbug’s Friday next year if that’s the case.
    Considering how many companies use the “Black Friday” term frequently (in North America and the UK etc), I was quite surprised to discover that someone in Germany registered the phrase as a trademark in December 2013.
    Obviously Trion didn't seem to have a problem with the term, operating from their US offices.

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    Even if black Friday is trademarked in a country, using "black sale" is pretty weird. How about "crazy Friday" or "The-Friday-After-Thanksgiving-Sale" or "The-Sorry-We-Cant-Use-The-Real-Word-Its-Been-Trademarked-By-Some-Dum-Dum sale"?

    Black sale really sounds like a black slave auction. And Thanksgiving has nothing to do with slavery, it's about natives getting slaughtered. Gamigo needs to get their facts straight: America enslaved Africans and genocided natives, not the other way around.

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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_...%28shopping%29 some info about the black Friday, even its called black Friday, it's all about the sales at that day

    what i want say is, you make too big number about that "black sale", yes it may sound little weird, but only for those who are racist minded

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    Even Google searches for Black Friday when searching Black Sale.

    Quote Originally Posted by gabberworld View Post
    You make too big number about that "black sale".
    Attention can be addictive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabberworld View Post
    what i want say is, you make too big number about that "black sale", yes it may sound little weird, but only for those who are racist minded
    Defiance 2050 = 2018's worst cash grab. 100% fact.
    Medjed: "Trust me, we will do our best to avoid any unanswered questions."
    Why add content to the game when people still gamble on bit store garbage? 4Head

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    Falcon media reappears today on the Defiance Twitter with another useless post of what is that sappose to mean?

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