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A much more simple fix than spending company resources on bans would be to allow people to kick people out of their team in PvP, with a vote like in coop. Only your own team would be able to vote you out, so you wouldn't be able to just kick a good player from the other team. Some people would get kicked so often they would barely be able to play pvp anymore.

Not that they're gonna spend time implementing that system either though.
Maybe in some months it will be somethin they put some time on. They need to do something to make it better than how it is now. Nobody will even pvp as it is. If somebody's got some video obvious proof somebody's doin some hacking why not let them get publicly shunned some? It'd be a good deterrent for other ppl thinkin about doin it. Best would be to just watch a match for once and kick cheaters off the server mid game