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    Advent Calendar - Day 7

    The Xmasterious


    Today we’re not going to announce a maintenance. Look for the mysterious letters!

    Find a secret word

    5 Chip Pullers
    • You can only participate once for Defiance and once for Defiance 2050.
    • During the day keep an eye for ingame notifications as secret letters will appear there!
    • Make a word from the secret letters and submit it in the form to receive a reward.
    • The same letters will appear in the notifications for up to 3 times or until the word is revealed.

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    Patiently waiting for message to pop up in game, d13 Xbox 360 NA server, no clue when it will start, but on lookout for I assume a message pop up similar to server reset messages? And 3 each for each letter of secret word over time.
    Live by the sword, die by the sword.

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    I've gotten so far: 1st letter is M, 5th is R, 3rd is N, 6th is
    C, 2nd is O, > So, i'm thinking Monarch ...

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    Dam I missed it :/

    Goin to send the message any more or only during restart?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Core View Post
    The first letter is M. > So, i'm thinking Monarch or Mutant or Metal or Mega or ...
    might be right with monarch

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    The answer Monarch

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    Indeed, I got M . N A R C so far, so Monarch is a safe bet at this point

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    The answer is Monarch

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