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    Solstice Strike Synergy Drops...

    So a lot of players are wanting to see Quasar Wave, Bloodthirst, and Precision Bore syns put into to Gulanee synergy rotation. I myself feel it is a must and even more than that I believe and feel it would draw attention to an event that is Solstice Strike, a rehashed event going on six years, if GAMIGO would allow weapons and mods of these 3 synergies to drop during the event along with perfecteds and jackpots. I gurantee if you do this people will return. And while you're at it maybe even bring back the bargain boxes during the event so others can try fo super jackpots, T6 chips because the drop rates for them are atrocious in expo. People get gift cards and everything else. Give us good drop rates on all of these suggestions. Hell... turn on free boosts for us when the event starts. Lots of us have been loyal paying customers for years if not since the beginning of this game. I know it's in your power to do all this without it hurting your bottom line. Actually it would help it.

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    can you get these "lots" of players to come on the forums and post as much? because it would help out a lot.

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