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    A Wreath Before Christmas

    I just wrote the following for the Advent Calendar Day 13 thread started by Medjed in the 2050 News and Announcement section... but this 'entry' of sorts (he asked for a poem, and... I thought this up.) It turned out better than I'd hoped. Since it's a bit buried there I decided to post it here as well.

    Happy Holidays, everyone.

    A Wreath Before Christmas

    Santa stormed out the backdoor of the kitchen. It's a good thing the elves built to last. He slammed the half door shut hard and fast and it didn't shatter the frame and turn the door itself into kindling. That crash resounded off the hills and knocked the snow off the surrounding trees for 400 yards.

    Yes, Santa wasn't happy.

    Mrs. Claus had been arguing with him to for months to expand this years gift giving to include the entire middle east. Sure they aren't all christian, but it's the spirit of Christianity to be charitable to everyone and the gesture might win over the hearts and minds of young children to at least show acceptance of those 'infidel Christians'.

    Now he couldn't argue against that. Never had. But it was evident how she kept on with it, that his constant begrudging silence she kept mistaking as disapproval. He believed she was correct so much that he couldn't even utter a sound and explain that he just didn't like flying over the heat of the middle east for even a few hours at night... it was hard on the reindeer and in all his own fleece padded... everything... he couldn't very well go and take it off and still deliver presents. No, that wouldn't do.

    Well, today, as he stormed off he'd had it 'up to here' and it was time to cool off with a long walk. He didn't head towards his Workshop, no point in taking his anger out on the good (and busy) elves. Instead his path took him near the reindeer's food storage barn... and he heard some ruckas going on... tools were falling over in a cacophony of disjointed cadence that just wasn't... orderly.

    Storming in, the kibble bin doors and lids were splintered and torn asunder. Most of the food stored was gone, all except a bit in the rear of some of the larger storage bins.

    So Santa stoked his upset... stormed back outside and yelled... "OH, NO NO NOOOOO.... Come out from where ever you are hiding and explain yourselves! There's plenty of food in the kitchen!"

    Who knows if they understood, or maybe it was just fortuitous coincidence... but from the barn stormed out 40 to 50 skitterlings, and another hundred more careened out from the surrounding woods and started circling around Santa at a wary distance. I'm sure he must have looked tasty, even to a horde of skitterlings. Perhaps it was the mention of Mrs. Claus's cooking, but Santa had to go first before they moved on to the kitchen.

    Santa, for a moment, thought maybe he was done for. But then he remembered, a glowing light of memory, for him, nearly as bright as the North Star that always guided him home. His most favorite gift, that his own father (Poppa Santa) had hand-made for him, countless years and years ago... could save the day... IF it actually still worked... and he could remember the correct combination and order. He shouldn't have worried. Having fidgeted with his father's gift for centuries now... nearly every time he remembered his father in private...

    Santa reached into his right inside breast pocket (not the left, where the magical 'neverempty' eggnog flask is) where he'd always kept it close as a reminder of his father... and pulls out a tiny shiny silver gadget nearly the size of his hand. A few pinches, flicks and twists later... a few loud clicks... and the device was re-arranged into working order (Poppa Santa'd been clever enough to have designed it with a safe and sane carry arrangement, after all).

    Now Santa let out his famous "HO HO HOOOOOOO..." and opened fire with his father's gifted 'neverempty' handheld full-auto greek fire mini-grenade launcher... spinning around all 360 degrees, back and forth raining explosions all around him. It was over, nearly as fast as it began. The surprised skitterlings had had no chance at all.

    As he admired his father's legendary ingenious craftsmanship (yes, combined with some rather clever elven magic and... some would say... the spirit of Christmas) folding up his father's gift and stowing it away with a quick kiss to it's side... he heard the half door flying open behind him as... yes... Mrs. Claus had come out to see what-in-the-world is going on. He braced himself for more anger. He'd certainly made a mess of things.

    Just as she started to yell at his saying just that... 'What-In-The-World is goin...." She stopped. Paused. Looked around and slowly the inner steel of principled ice quickly thawed to be replaced with the heat of her beaming, full bodied smile towards Santa.

    Not one for missing an opportunity to get 'one of those' hugs from Mrs. Claus... Santa quickly went to her side and embraced for a good long joyful minute. For the life of him though, he couldn't figure out what was causing this welcomed change, miraculously... but he'd take it.

    Mrs. Claus then said "If I knew you could do something so whimsically artistic I'd have had you in the kitchen helping put icing on cookies years ago."

    That was when Santa noticed that instead of having to explain the reason for all the bug guts exploded all over the snow... and that he'd clean it up personally... he finally realized what his wife was seeing.

    A vast, wide circle of green splattered about the snow (surprisingly, at a distance, every bit as dark as pointy as holly) with bright red bits of carapace pieces glowing bright with moonlit twinkles... it did indeed look as if he'd painted a giant wreath. I suppose he had.

    Just like that... the spirit of Christmas was back, all was forgiven and the season for Santa was saved.

    Santa even made sure Kuwaiti children received a double dose of presents... and he even took some joy from dropping a few sleigh loads of coal on some Saudi Royal Family member's homes. Santa was so filled with the Spirit of Christmas he never even felt the heat, and the reindeer never flagged.

    2050 PC/NA Founder: Babydoll (with permission from Professor Chaos) aka Babydahl, Bloody Natasha, Kylarran in Defiance
    Defiance PC/NA Founders: Professor Chaos and Iron Death, RIP brother

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    A sterling, festive story Kylarran . How fortunate Santa was, to be carrying the 'neverempty' handheld, full-auto, greek fire, mini-grenade launcher given to him by his father .

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    That’s indeed a one fabulous story with a Spirit of Christmas. To be honest I feel a bit upset to give small rewards for such time-consuming entries. Should be something to think about next time.

    But every time we get an entry like this, we feel that Advent Calendar has accomplished its main task as a community event. And your story made our Defiance team to step away from our routine tasks and enjoy a bit of magic and skitterlings. Good work Kylarran!

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