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    Love the idea of cross platform play but only 1 problem. 360 is presently lagging so hard if implemented in its current conditions people will hate ANY 360 player they play with. We will most likely crit out any poor soul we get near. Now if they fixed that it would be set. I get where your coming from but zeroing out a whole servers gained "rewards" is something they can be sued over. You would have to get EVERY single player to agree to that not to mention actually get the devs off their arse to actually work on it. A hard job for sure but maybe they might listen if ya got the whole server on them about it idk but gl either way with the present staff bro.

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    Yea is bs they seem to be leaving this game to rot

    Just it would be so awesome to use scrip.. I'd sell mods all over n buy chips and guns all the stuff I want

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