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    PS3 EU down

    Hi guys
    PS3 EU is down.

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    its back up.

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    Down again. I’ve noticed a trend for the past couple days and that is after the so-called server reset. The damn server shuts off for a complete 6-7hr. Now the first time, I thought, ahh maybe they’re working on something but no. Server is back up next day, at around 5-6am GMT. No new content, still no damn JP drops on the server. The annoying box pops up again “Server resets in 60mins blah blah blah... QUICK RESET”. Same thing happens, server offline for 6-7. And now same thing today. Now, tell me do you devs give a **** about this game? To the point you won’t reply to anything regarding D13. If not, please tell us. And if your planning to shutdown the EU server, also tell us. I came back to this game for the ppl playing it, not the devs. Don’t fix it, it won’t be just me leaving this time. Now go ahead and “investigate” this problem, that is if you read it. Most likely not.
    Date of when issue began: 26th Dec 2019

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    Thanks for info @Bartiis. I also just want to confirm that PS3 EU is down again.

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    Back up. I wonder if this is a new scheduled reset maybe. Would be nice to know.

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    Game unavailable for few hours after the daily server reset On a daily basis now which makes me wonder sometime if our loyalty is getting tested !

    Ohh well Resident Evil here I come nothing more satisfying than blowing a zombie’s head

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    And again. Server down for 7+hours after the claimed “quick” restart. Mind responding for once?!

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    Still down.

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    Yes is down , and im very bored again that, trion is Time to react ,free pp for 30 day or 30 inventory slot..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laflamme View Post
    Yes is down , and im very bored again that, trion is Time to react ,free pp for 30 day or 30 inventory slot..
    I wish but seen as they never respond, most likely will never happen. They ruined the entire Solstice Strike event by not allowing the JPs to drop. They barely care about the EU server, whilst EU was down for god knows how long everyday, NA still remained operational.

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