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    P2W explanation please

    Just wondering what our ark hunter community thinks.
    Please explain p2w in your own opinion, thank you.

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    I used to play this game Vikings war of clans, you could buy boosts, troops, everything you need to wipe out the other clan you're battling. If you didn't spend $ you'd lose a match every single time lol that to me is p2w. Whoever invented it is pretty much a millionaire by now. If not multi million. It just pits clans of random ppl against eachother and buy stuff to beat the other team, and these rich ppl with hero complexes would spend like hundreds of dollars trying to win it was crazy I quit

    And I mean I wouldn't say they had complexes, they were just to nice to say f this I'm not spending any more $ I don't care if we lose lol
    That game was pro at separating you from your money. I hated it after the first few weeks

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    I mean this game is sort of p2w with rigs and some op gear costing money but really any of that stuff you can get for playing the game and trading for it. And as far as I know patron or score boosts don't affect what goes on the scoreboard, only your personal score so it's pretty fair. I wouldn't consider this a p2w. To me it was pay a little for patron and inv slots and a few boxes here and there support the game n it was worth it but now...

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    Anything with cash only "op" gear for sale in its cash shop is p2w. If it has cool downs that can be bypassed with cash its p2w. Some games use these more then others. Cant really say if defiance fits this its more like a "pay to get screwed, but, if ya spend enough maybe well let ya win......"

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    For me p2w is paying to compensate a lack of skills in general.
    On cod i Saw many people without skills,talked to them in the party they we're PISSED of dying att so they started buying moded classes,moded xboxs or moded controllers.
    For me personally it IS also p2w to buy a gaming headset to have an adventage .
    To buy a Headset so No Sounds are loudly in room bec of kids or neighbours is something different.
    In cod there is a perk called sitrep and it gives u an Advantage ( Hearing enemy footsteps louder)
    Some people pay for a Headset Just to use this perk to have an Advantage.

    Back to defiance:
    I say to buy pp is p2w for me.
    When defiance wouldnt be free2play it would be something diffrent.
    However i paid 30€ in total for the game.
    2x PP 20€
    1x dvd to get the Code rewards 5€
    1x inv space
    But this dios Not make me a p2w i belive.
    I have 60-70 sup perf mcs and 90% of these i premed for 20m/100% premes
    I do think it is a specific amount of Cash u spend to make a a p2w-player.
    I wouldnt be that good without p2w players.
    I guess i would have to save 6weeks of af (3000) to build 1 gun savely without them.
    However when i would have pp i would Not sell my af ,aslong i do Not have any Plans of Setups i want to build .
    The Main reason to have pp is af.
    So Long , my opinion.

    I think the Main aspect is ,If you are a good skilled player or not.
    Grinding is the Main aspect in many Games.
    The more knowledge you have to grind more easy or faster gives u an adventage.
    This Advantage is free to anyone who gains this knowledge or gets taught by someone.

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    Great opinions guys thank you.
    The reason I ask for others opinions is because every player sees things differently.
    From my experience in D13, I dont really think its p2w. Like RJ said p2w gives you a direct advantage over other players that don't spend.
    In D13 the only p2w I can think of would be the idr vendor(bits) and ark forge cache in store, as these option allow you to buy in game currency without having to play/grind for it.
    I would have to consider d13 p2p(pay2play) if anything. If you play 5+ days a week 8-15 hours a day, and dont have patron pass... The wasted af hurts.
    Yes having to buy a $10 30day pass/monthly really sucks I agree, but I can't consider it a p2w element as it does not affect any other players experience but the purchasers.
    As for bit rig/gun crates, they are like blood said "pay for a chance to win". In my experience with these crates, very very very low odds of " winning", I've bought around 30-40 nano/omni rig crates, not 1 supreme chip/ jackpot rig or chip!
    I really want a cf rig but I'm not willing to drop
    P2w really only affects PvP in most games. I mainly run solo or with my clan, I PvP on their games but that's another thread.

    Now as for the "players" that buy or sell, gear/scrip, for real world money.
    YES this definitely is p2w imo, sadly this still happens.

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    Imagine 2 players (Same skilled twins lol) start the game.
    One has PP and one has not.
    After 1 year they pvp .
    Goes who will win?
    Probably the one with more chances to work on guns because of the arcforge.
    The Chance to win Part sucks a lot.
    That's why i never spent Cash for crates.
    When i would be able to choose the item i wtb it would be something diffrent maybe.

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    Ofc the one with patron is goin to win, but another example..

    You give 2 players with the exact same skills (your twins) the exact same gear and make them pvp

    Only difference is 1 is patron and 1 is not

    Now who will win?

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    If both use a high ammo consuming weapon as mass blaster or purgatory, patron would win because the extra ammo.

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    Yea true but really that's the only advantage I can think of. And grenades

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