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    Lightbulb Moving D13 PS3 & XBox 360 Accounts to PC...

    I think Gamigo should automate a way that PS3 & XBox 360 console platforms can move their existing Defiance (Classic/D13) accounts to new or existing PC Gylph accounts (and maybe Steam as well).

    The process could be initiated in-game or through support and be automated with proper scripting. It would alleviate the pain some players have playing on last gen consoles and lessen the need to support a triad of servers from Gamigo's stand point.

    I have heard that many do not like the lags and are upset that their years of efforts are lost, they simply do not want to start over, we need them back as active players imho. This server account transfer would bring many current and veteran players back as PC accounts, and support could focus on correcting the PC client/server code specifically.

    There would be holdouts, those who prefer playing from consoles, who have a large friends list etc., but initially this account migration would be for those wanting to move to PC, as time passes more will appreciate that Gamigo gave everyone this opportunity imho.

    I would really like the CMs to carry this message back to Gamigo for consideration, please reply back on this, thank you.
    Discord live chat server invites to everyone...

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    Sounds like a good idea. Especially in light of the fact Microsoft announced they will no longer support Windows 7.

    I don’t know what O/S the 360 runs on and maybe means nothing. However, if I was on the 360 I would be concerned if down the line they’ll announce the same thing.

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    Good idea for sure, many pros, many con's. But it would extend the lifespan of D13 longer and be more future proofed then our last gen consoles. I'd play on PC na with my toons and gear.

    Off topic, a lot of old school game consoles can be played online now through emulators or custom homebrew game servers. (ppsspp, wifimii, xlink kia...) But d13s code is not open source and would be illegal to obtain atm.
    But the homebrew community is very creative never know.

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    +1. I would not start over, but would certainly migrate to PC if given the option.

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    yea fr im not gonna start over lol i rather stay on console

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    It'd definitely be cool to have more ppl on Pc but I have doubts if they care capable of doing it. I'm sure they could but it's more of doubts they would take the time and pay someone to do it :/ Since it seems like they want to invest as little as possible in D13 right now

    It's a great idea imo but if you could get them to is another story

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