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Thread: Py 20/1/20

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    Phew, I don't know what to say. Since the beginning of the Event Horizon this year the reward system doesn't work at all anymore. Only 16 different JP's in 40 weeks at Py. Once there were 2 new different JP's every week at Py. We should have seen 80 JP's in this time. Wow, 16 JP's in 40 weeks. 64 JPs too few...

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    They don’t care they don’t listen simple is that
    I’m over the forum last post for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by alaz3r View Post
    They don’t care they don’t listen simple is that
    I’m over the forum last post for me
    Hey man js think about it first it took them forever to start putting guns back on Py after we were asking for idk even how long so they might listen again for what they put out for sale. Might just take awhile

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    My suggestion for Py:

    Put every Jp gun in the game that's not on this list below in random rotation on Py and if you need to monetize something put a third 'better' jp on there as well as the current event JP's for sale and make it available to patrons only.

    Light energy's List of super JP things

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    Sorry... But we should not have to explain to them how to run a game they acquired through an acquisition. Most people tesseract something in deep detail before buying it. This isn't a small purchase; taking over a company. You research it. Find where and how it's profitable to market. They should know this, going on it's 7th year, title. They haven't done **** but make some new synergies wrapped in rehashed skins. They don't even realize or care that their game is being debugged by people in it's player base on several platforms and they allow it... just like Trion. You got old and new players paying money for services that are improperly rendered. Get your ethics together already.

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    In one ear and out the other!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NAS View Post
    In one ear and out the other!
    Not enough ear wax to keep all the information in apparently.

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    Does anyone even follow what offers ?? repetition again !!! he had these things a few weeks ago !! what do you think there ??

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    Super weapons on py are pointless and unfair to players who paid for them...

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    I know, let's put a jp version of my bloodthirst big boomer to make it easy to get and unbalance the whole game.

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