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    Quote Originally Posted by Seadawg67 View Post
    Nice two sup in one rnd.. Well thanks for the news peeps, guess it is time to start running again, got a whole lot of catching up to do...
    anything good?

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    I was referring to the pic earlier in the thread... At least I know first hand sup is falling now, the dawg got a sup det mag aug chip on rnd 8 t30... So let the running begin...

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    Two impact shrouds today in 2-3hours lol
    Thanks to Gamigo for

    Ruined Events
    Broken Weapon Statistics
    Broken Synergys
    Broken Servers
    Useless Eventsynergys
    Broken Supreme Chip Drops
    Broken Mass Canons
    Broken Mass Lobbers
    Broken Py Numbra

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