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    I want a new title for D13

    I would like a new title for D13 and i want it to say Lagging Game Master. Ive played for 5 years now and i know just about every glitch and exploit in the game. i can even go scuba diving under the water at water temple. The games auto extract barriers cant stop me i can easly glitch through them. I can also get outside the map and go anywhere i want to go. I feel like at this point i should already have this title so can we please make it happen lol

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    So the game still exists ?

    So sad Bungo did not buy it.

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    Lmfao here's the thread

    "We are not thieves or murderers,
    we may be hunted like animals,
    but we will not become animals.

    We have all chosen this - to live here free,
    like human beeings,for as long as we can.

    Every day of freedom is like an act of faith.

    And If we die, trying to live,
    at least we die like human beeings."
    - Tuvia Bielski

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