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    Hiding under my office chair from the terrifying Ark-hunters!

    For the collectors and completionists:

    I remember they had a special grenade launcher [3] that shoots out illuminated, flashing-yellow cubes that you can manually detonate. The only way to obtain this weapon was if players completed a set amount of goals from playing the game, Trove, over the course of a weekend.

    Maybe it would be possible to add it to a pursuit or make it available for purchase since there are not many players anymore.

    I still have mine on the X360 version and I'm not aware if there is anyone else on the X360 platform who also has the weapon. Problem is, it's non-tradeable, so even if I wanted to share it with someone else, I can't.
    I've heard that Defiance is substantially smoother now with less employees "running" the servers:

    I've also overheard Ark-hunters speaking German lately..

    Welcome to Defiance:

    ..And I'm off, excelsior!

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    Lmao those sig vids xd

    I think I say only one of those ever on pcna, I thought it was lag making the nades square

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    I always wanted one of those. Yes. Bring that to our loot table.

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