So as far as D13 goes here is an idea that should be considered. Remove arkforge cap for none patron players, at the same time lower how much arkforge and keys earned per event they are doing at the time. slightly increase rng this is a must, for patron players give a guarantee jp drop @ events keep the ammo increase this includes spikes stims and so on, increase the amount of arkforge and keys earned at regular and holiday events. lower the costs of items in store for all players this does not include patron itself the cost for patron is fine the way it is, add some outfits that are not just re color scheme's. Give the option to pick which mods or weapon type's you get from runners at IDR this would be most helpful in so many ways for everyone. Also for patron players give a better login reward like adding PG to it and maybe a random T5 mod or weapon, as far as making the game more playable optimizing would be key I would be more than happy to assist in this issue if needed to no charge. If keeping the game moving forward is indeed the goal for you guys at gamigo please do not follow in trions foot steps it can be revived and going strong for the future. I hope this is at the least considered and looked into there is a great community on D13 ( pc ) I strongly feel this would be a great idea moving forward thank you for taking the time to read this and have a great day.