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    Become a Community Ambassador

    Ark Hunters!

    As the battle for Paradise rages on, the forces of the Dark Matter show no sign of weakening. Our HQ has requested that we urgently
    recruit brave new Ark Hunters with expert knowledge and a sense of justice.

    But not everyone will be chosen for the reinforcement. An elite level of physical strength, stamina, and endurance are the standards for our unit.

    Are you up for the challenge of restoring peace to Paradise?

    We are currently searching for Community Ambassadors to engage with the players of Defiance and Defiance 2050 on Discord, Steam, and in our Forums. If you meet the following requirements,
    you should quickly click on the “Apply Now” link.

    • Minimum age of 18 years (must be proven with ID).
    • Willingness to invest time for Defiance.
    • Have a record of contribution to Forums, Discord and in-game.
    • Possesses the right interpersonal skills and game knowledge.
    • Fluent in English (speaking, writing, and comprehension).
    • A headset or speakers and a microphone to be able to communicate over voice chats.
    • Enthusiasm for the game, the community, and the tasks that await you.

    Bonus requirements
    • Previous experience working in a similar field
    • Fluency in German or French


    The tasks of a Community Ambassador include:
    • Resolving player disputes
    • Helping in the planning and organizing of events
    • Moderation of Forum, Discord, and Steam
    • Collecting reports about issues, bugs, and exploits

    Please submit your application below.


    Candidates who stand out will be contacted for further discussion via e-mail. All discussions and interviews will be done via voice chat, so please have a working headset or speakers & a microphone.

    We are looking forward to receiving all your applications!

    Best wishes and good luck,

    Your Defiance Team!

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    Hi Pax , what are the benefits to the Community Ambassadors ? Are there any ? Is there a set amount of hours that would need to be fulfilled ?would they just be passing information along to Community Managers ? Thanks

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    And again a CM has deleted all uncomfortable posts. What does this say about our CM's?

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    I know a lot of things that could be specially interesting for development team (that already told in tickets). But as I get always ignored, I will ignore this "offer" of "working for free" too.

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    Ark Hunters,

    Here is a little reminder that our applications for the Community Ambassador will close soon.
    Take the chance and become a part of the Defiance family!

    Once the applications are closed we'll start evaluating all applicants.


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    Yo pax can you tell som1 about the mass dcs on ps3 na we have also been getting the social bug many times please tell us something cause no1 is responding to us

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    Computer says

    Thanks to Gamigo for

    Ruined Events
    Broken Weapon Statistics
    Broken Synergys
    Broken Servers
    Useless Eventsynergys
    Broken Supreme Chip Drops
    Broken Mass Canons
    Broken Mass Lobbers
    Broken Py Numbra

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    Hmm I'd love to but...

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