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    2 Glitch Problems I have

    So the first problem I'm having is I can't see any majors, minors, or incursions on the map on just the Silicon Valley portion of the map, everywhere else works fine. My account is pretty old I had taken a few months off from playing, installed the game on a new computer and ever since it hasn't been working (and I never had a problem with this before).
    Elmoo told me this happened to him but after a few months it fixed itself.. though maybe he did something unintentionally that fixed it something I may never do. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it? Is it something to contact support about? As it's getting pretty frustrating not seeing or knowing if anything especially event majors are popping up there.

    Secondly I saw someone else post about the 4th part of Essence Drain synergy not applying the 10% damage boost, and it may be happening to me too. I just got the JP pistol Fractured Psyche which is identical to Lillith, another Surge Blaster JP I have that has also 10% damage (Sanguine Extraction syn). Well I have fully modded the new JP pistol and the damage is 10% less than the Lillith, yet they have the same rolls T5 damage. I have the same mods installed on both too T3 Maximum force barrel as well. So why would they not have the same damage output (they are even the same ammo radiation). I tested on another Essence Drain synergy weapon and looked at the damage before and after the 4th mod was installed, and it actually worked I saw the damage go up, so that is very confusing.. One thought I realized was back then 2-3 years ago the devs said all JP jackpot weapons (doesn't matter the synergy, just a built-in bonus to all Jps) have + 5% to all attributes (which would include damage) is this possibly not a thing anymore, or glitched with the new jackpots to not be applying? Thoughts on this? Thanks for reading and any help you have would be great!

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    Bump, anyone have a fix for nothing showing on Silicon Valley portion of map? Where should I report this to for officisl help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Declorean View Post
    Bump, anyone have a fix for nothing showing on Silicon Valley portion of map? Where should I report this to for officisl help?
    There is a 'fix' on Glyph for it, right click Defiance and it has a repair option. Use at your own risk! Lol jk but it might help if there was something wrong with the new install. You always have the option of opening a ticket for it they can be helpful. I'll look for the link

    I think this is it


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    Thank you I'll try that once I'm back to see if it works, and if not I'll go ahead and submit a ticket thanks for the link too. As for the damage discrepancies I'll probably start another thread about it with picture evidence to show.

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