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    Not causing any Damage in PvP or Sw

    Been having an issue with my weapons not being able to damage or kill enemies in the game at times and I have to reset. It has happening in Shadow War and PvP a lot. I’ve played 2 Shadow Wars and 1 PvP tonight and it happened in all 3! I did get some kills in each but it seems at some point all of my weapons lose the ability to damage enemies. I even tried killing computer spawned enemies near the shadow war or PvP resulting in no damage during the games. Even after the PvPs are finished I am still unable to damage any enemies! It is very frustrating. I feel that I am wasting my time and I am an easy kill for people.

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    Outside Roanoke, in Virginia, on an actual pc.
    I'm working hard at hammering bug sieges at Diablo and Kinship, and Volge sieges at Quarry and Bath while leveling my AR weapon XP.

    I frequently solo both types of siege, and run into random bugs and Volge at both types of siege that exhibit 2 different modes:

    1.) Either the enemy takes zero damage at all from a weapon and someone else has to kill the badguy, OR the enemy's health line drops to zero and goes opaque, and the only thing that will kill it is a grenade or melee attack.
    I've had 2 and 3 such bugs simultaneously at a node at a bug siege, and it's a real PITA trying to melee a Monarch when there ia another Monarch and Archer or two more Monarchs exhibiting the same behavior and attacking me at the same time.

    2.) An enforcer at a DM ark will access the green Hulker juicebox and will become unkillable both while he's green and then remain unkillable with a range weapon after reverting to 'normal' status, and can only be killed by me by the grenade or melee attack. That means that I have to get close enough to an enemy shooting at me (while all the OTHER enforcers/Bulwarks and snipers are all shooting at me, or I have to have an active grenade to lob at him close enough to kill him. If I've already used the grenade a few moments before - I'm stuck defenseless to THAT Enforcer's attack until the grenade respawns for me to use. And once he reverts back to normal no-green, I then have to try to keep track of WHICH Enforcer it was.
    I've quit DM arks after getting killed the 2nd time with no self-rez left and not wanting to continue after having to extract for the 2nd or 3rd time at the same event.
    These are just my opinions.
    I have lots of opinions.
    Some of them, on occasion, people have agreed with.
    I do not trust those people.

    Mid E-5XXX main, but I played 26+ 'toons from E400 to E5500. (Dormant)
    2050: Lvl 499X main

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    this glitch has crossed over from d13. its annoying for sure.

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