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    I am too much excited. I am waiting for a long time.

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    It's great to hear we'll have an upcoming Armistice event rivaling D13's... which is always a lot of fun with 3 different arkfalls each week to fight.

    Regarding the poll, well, as always they are overly simplistic as usual. If the question is which I'd like to fight... it's the Event Horizon with its Sovereign Forges and Bulwarks. That's a unique event which will give our recently acquired Frigid weaponry a chance to shine. However, there's little I want from the Cosmic set, I'm more interested in another opportunity to have shots at Cleansing and Frigid guns and mods... while Hulker Hell is the least interesting to face since I've fought against it 6-8x now (the extra 2x from other Armistices).

    This does bring up plenty of questions, however, on how the dev's will prepare the Armistice event. I'm sure they've thought some about it, already, and I wanted to toss in some considerations. I do apologize, there are a few specific suggestions usually buried in a wall of text in my posts. I never managed to do well at writing in management style concise bullet points, obviously.

    Already in this thread, some are stating they were not here for the initial events and with the normal event PG creating limited amount of synergy items, a small one or two week run just won't give those new players enough opportunities for useful guns nor the mods to fill them. What will happen is they'll get, for instance, a few automatics, a shotgun and a sniper, in purple quality or better in a given week, but the mods typically are all over the place.

    I've spent 4 weeks at every event now, with multiple alts, so I know this isn't an exception, it's happened over and over... where I'll have 4-5 of High Cal guns of interest, but scant high cal mods insufficient to fill even one, or hearing friends with 6-7 automatic OJ/Primes and not enough mods to fill more than 1. RNG is just that... and it is often maddening waiting 4 weeks trying to fill a Prime that dropped week 1, and wanting to fill just one more slot... that never gets filled. It's not just me. My clan obviously talk about it, and I discuss this with other players during the event at random.

    The last few events have been better. With ground mod drops during Frigid arkfall finals, and Devouring blue mods (not purple or better) being possible from a major's final 2 item completion reward (if it's a mod in the 2 final items). The latter is better, tbh, since those last 2 items from a major ending goes into claims if their normal inventory is full. Ground drops time out, and weaker players might miss or get stomped more often trying to pick them up (and needing to free up inventory in the middle of an arkfall is a death sentence, further hampering the problem).

    If we have the top 3 events from the polls running all 4+ weeks of Armistice, that would be better than any limited/compressed duration for any one event. Unless, assuming you run just Event Horizon for one week only... PG costs for caches were dramatically dropped, to say 3, 4 or 6 PG per cache, therefore allowing new players a chance to generate more items each week, improving their odds of generating guns worth putting a full set of mods into. That also increases their need/desire for greater inventory capacity, assuming purchasing inventory capacity off the bitstore is of interest to Gamigo.

    The Paradise weekly typically (in D13) has a wild RNG providing random synergies from ALL the events in the rotation. I'd like to suggest allowing people to at least choose the synergy of the random legendary gun they are seeking, at that final Paradise weekly reward box. Why? Lets assume new player having limited capacity is wanting an automatic from Cleansing synergy and has been storing mods in the hopes of getting one... and the Paradise weekly has a greater chance of disappointing them with a gun from another syn who's event's they might not even be going to week to week, which is now insultingly useless to them.

    Player's could use more success stories in 2050, in general. Questioning people near the end of events and you'd be surprised how many are dejected and apathetic over what they were able to put together. Finding ways for Armistice to be more generous with dropped items, or a higher drop rate on legendary guns and Primes, and a higher chance of purple and OJ mods dropping so existing players have some ability to slightly improve existing guns would make this more of a celebration of 2050, instead of another grind with little hope.

    2050 PC/NA Founder: Babydoll (with permission from Professor Chaos) aka Babydahl, Bloody Natasha, Kylarran in Defiance
    Defiance PC/NA Founders: Professor Chaos and Iron Death, RIP brother

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    I want to ask that armistice going to be only one event or is it a multiple events?

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