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    I learn something new about defiance every day. Can't say I every noticed before that I did not get any hits on matron if another car is ahead. Normally I just fire as if they not even there. lol. Will be on the lookout in future. ty.

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    This happens because some players come to arkfalls with high dmg mass cannon trying to kill the boss as soon as it spawns so some players spawn there cars so others can get enough points to get the rewards also ppl do it to buy time so that there friends and Clannys can get credit before it ends stop spawn killing the boss

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    Ahh ok then I am all for it. Hate these guys that kill the boss so quickly.

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    This is TRION here endith the Lesson.
    How do you say Trion in German? Gamigo

    Thanks Tauriiel 6x6k

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