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    New JP's not have JP Weapon Bonuses?

    Take a look at this comparison visibleconfusion.jpg As you can see I even just rolled +1.08 dmg on Fractured Psyche and even with that Lillith still has a higher damage output (with a crit mult master) so something is definitely not right here, these two guns are identical, they have the same damage rolls and mods, and it concerns me this would be potentially affecting all of the new event JPs (my theory is that the +5% JP bonus all JP's are supposed to have is not factored in?) Other than that I have no idea why there would be a difference in damage output.

    As others have mentioned could it be that the 10% added damage on ED synergy is not applying?

    I'm not sure about that though, I wasn't paying attention to it when I was modding Fractured Psyche but once I noticed the difference I tried this on another ED syn weapon and I did actually notice the damage go up (placing on the last mod was the ammo slot too not damage) but it still could be the case but just only affecting maybe the JP's? (I tested it on a standard ED weapon) something is clearly glitched though.

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    ... and that has nothing to do with damage. The OP made his point perfectly clear.

    Also if you remove mods you clearly can't see the if the syn damage is added. This is the only problem in question.

    If you got got nothing constructive to add ,just say nothing.

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    From the other thread it's been stated that it could just be the JP's that don't have the damage added (I assumed it would be the case on any ED weapon, but apparently the 4th part of the syn could be working for OJ pulled weapons with this syn just not the JP's) so it could be the problem that the 4th part of the syn isn't working as shown in this example. Really hope they fix this..

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    Talking about stuff like this ,is like fishing on grass.

    "Thats some old cheese some people ate multiple weeks ago already ."

    They will not fix it soon.
    However, Declorean can replace an ed mod probably with a non ed mod in the gun.
    3t4s are missing anyway,so i guess it wont hurt to start a 2nd real test.
    I will post 2 pics soon too about my Ashen Cat. .
    It is still missing a powerbore or crit barrel.
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