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    This thread and the comments were a healthy laugh. I'm not saying it's a dumb idea. It's a don't idea to trust this company with said idea. All they do is **** **** up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MONKEYKING View Post
    This isnt a survival game, its not Minecraft either. This is a shooter. The only thing you need to craft is the gun and thats BARELY working. We dont need spitballing sessions to add to the game theres plenty missing as is plus what is present has a 80-90% failure chance. If they do ANYTHING they need bugs squashed long before new broken content should even be thought of.
    Please see...

    Quote Originally Posted by twowolves80 View Post
    inb4 "Wah, never gonna happen! Ermergerd! Derp!"

    That's not the point of this thread, buck-o. This is a spitballing, brainstorming idea thread just to see what other ways we could improve the game if we actually had devs responding and not a rando Decepticon bot.
    I've taken the liberty of highlighting the pertinent portion for your convenience.

    Please also see...

    Quote Originally Posted by twowolves80 View Post
    Any other questions, see the interview below. You know who you are.

    Why do you keep posting these threads??!

    We're no strangers to love...

    Seriously, I'm going to report you.

    You know the rules and so do I!

    Sigh...how long are you going to keep this up?

    A full commitment's what I'm thinking of...

    You're the only one making these stupid threads.

    You wouldn't get this from any other guy!

    But why?! Why, dammit?!

    I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling...

    I don't care, though!

    Gotta make you understand!

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    It's just tough to watch the repetition of people with hopes abound slowly crumble and give up with Defiance masters' aloof complacency with all the problems in it. They'd make a killing if they'd invent some new stuff to buy but they just sit and watch. I guess they're happy with it just being mediocre.

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    No idea is a bad idea, but they are not fixing anything or adding any new content. We already know this! It's great that people are keeping hope alive, but at this point it's a loss cause if you ask me! The game is on life support. We have achievements that have been broken since day one, missing pvp, missing maps, broken text, broken weapons, broken vehicles, and so many other problems. I really hope that they do some work on the game, but at this point it's hard to see anything getting done!

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    Im not knocking your faith hopes or idea man. But before they do ANYTHING we need a real dev force that can implement instant hotfixes instead of years later idks. But barring that who cares series is dead. Grow the brand. Hire a crew and truly rewrite this game as promised and try and up your game. Be like gta more shards less people. Balance the stability 1st then go ham but keep the OG idea alive in some form. You have free license you bought the last living portion of this title and it has hardcore fans and believers who will guide you the whole way and yet it rots it the hands of IDGAF smgdh...

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    I sure AF don't want to have to run around with a jerrycan to fill her up.

    Seriously, even if they didn't mess it up (haha, good one!), all it would do is slow me from going from place A to place B. How is that any good? It's already annoying enough that I have to run for a certain time when a skitterlong blows up my car, I sure AF don't want another reason why I can't drive.

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    And if they were to do anything about car, it should be something about the people who ride shotgun being able to shoot from the car, a bit like a Cerberus, but shooting with their own gun. That would rawk.

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