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    Some were u guys can find me


    Hey I don't know if they just haven't yet or they forgot but here you go armistice is coming on march 30th

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    Some were u guys can find me
    Thank you fury

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    Yes, Armistice Event will start on March 30th.
    Currently we're preparing some extra news therefore official announcement on forum and discord will follow until end of day.

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    Do we know yet which event majors will be included? Wasn't there a vote on that?

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    No point in having an event if the game is unplayable. Seems like it’s only gotten worse the last few days.

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    Yow,i would be careful with calling majors/events out nowadays.Just saying,let us see some majors first plus a patch Update and then we talk.Otherwise it can be even more disappointing when No Event arrives in the end.

    I would be happy when the stuff,which needs getting fixed (Like sc idr runner,broken perfecteds {some perfecteds do Same dmg Like vot ones},broken synergys and more is getting fixed soon,before new things come along.

    What comes next?

    A synergy which decreases dmg instead of increasing dmg?
    Thanks to Gamigo for

    Ruined Events
    Broken Weapon Statistics
    Broken Synergys
    Broken Servers
    Useless Eventsynergys
    Broken Supreme Chip Drops
    Broken Mass Canons
    Broken Mass Lobbers
    Broken Py Numbra

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    BOOOOOO GAMIGO! This was a perfect opportunity to allow us to earn the infector mods from last event which never dropped, no Essence drain event fixes? (Like Synergy you provided which T4 of synergy doesn't work on Jackpots or ED JPs not T6ing correctly) you expect us to spend money when YOU can't even get YOUR OWN promised events working as intended? This is armistice the biggest Defiance event of the year and after all the above issues not one fix and then on top of all no jackpots for all from majors?BOOOOOOOOOOO GAMIGO! BOOOO!

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    yes,another slap.gamigo=bastards

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