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Greetings Ark Hunters, To start with, we want you to gather your squad and get ready for the first round of Arkfalls that will land in Paradise on March 30th! You guessed it right! Armistice celebration will start soon and brings four weeks of holiday events! Server Boosts (March 25, 11 AM PDT – March 30, 9 AM PDT) But that’s not all. While this self-quarantine is happening around the world. We want you to stay home, and stay healthy! So, don’t plan to go outside because from today until the start of Armistice celebration we have turned on server boosts that will grant you +100% XP and Reputation. If you have any other boost active then they will sum up of course. That’s it! Make sure to drink a lot of water have some rest and boost your Ark Hunter! Bargain Box (March 25, 11 AM PDT – March 30, 9 AM PDT) But there’s one more card up our sleeve. If you remember our very popular Bargain Box from last year, it’s back in action. Yes, you read it right! There are just 5 days to pick them up. These incredible, limited time boxes have a chance to drop virtually any type of epic or better item available in the game: weapons, mods, Purified Gulanite, primes, prototypes, and synergy. Each box also has a rare chance at dropping any of the two rare Prototypes – Outburst and Tirade! The Bargain Box may contain one of the following Items:
  • Special prototypes: Outburst & Tirade
  • Other prototypes: Gore Auger, Venom Spitter, Atomizer, Continuum, Bonesaw, Archimedes’ Vision, Beacon, Senbonzakura, Vulcan, Pumpkin Patch, Squash Swarmer, Sugar Injector, Poultromancer, Whiteout, Hoarfrost, Philanthropist, Cupid’s Quiver, Nexus. The Professional & Ghoul’s Touch.
  • Fusion Sets: Mod Fusion: Cosmic Resonance, Mod Fusion: Precision Torment & Mod Fusion: Cleansing Flames.
  • Synergies: Agony, Backlash, Eruption, Merciless, Chaperone, Rampage, Voltaic, Volcanic, Caustic, Barbaric, Entropic, Singularity, Predator & Monster Mash.
Don’t miss this chance to get the maximum profit with these boosts and Bargain Boxes! Stay home and stay healthy!
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