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Thread: D2047 Armistice

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    D2047 Armistice

    Hello, what is the point of this event on D2047/D13?

    No rewards, no drops, no loot, no pursuits, no contracts, unless you don't have holiday pursuits from years past, "I have all those"

    Character selection screen says to keep an eye out for announcements for events and offer's?

    What do we even have to look forward to if anything? Data migration error on Xbox 360? Lag and Latency plagued events for nothing?

    At this point Armistice is worthless and no point playing unless a new player chasing holiday pursuits...

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    No point even logging in or playing, what a way to kill Armistice and D2047 thanks for nothing, and all these years invested for game to so rapidly go down hill from new owners.

    I'll check back on this thread but won't hold my breath in the mean time I'll be playing World of Tanks and giving them my money more to do, more exciting playing, events, grinding, and rewards there.

    PS. Event Loot only from bit store lol... Very smart doing bargain boxes before event only lol... #CashGrab #CashGrab this makes a 2014 "me" or older day 1 players want to quit grats golf clap ultimate smack in the face to the old-school big spenders and whales, and in the end it's your own fault, and short comings that pushed them away and hurt your own bottom line and profits... Trion played you guys making 2050 for you guys before selling company and taking out all the beloved parts of OG defiance and community player to player interactions and player economy... xD Don't expect me there either
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    I'm just waiting until 12am until my Comcast data usage rests(there's no cap limit, but i like to keep it around 600, right now its 1300GB lol , don't ask ), then I'm reinstalling destiny 2 and some other games, and once my patron runs out on my second account in 3 days, I'm taking a break from D13 until they enable rewards, drops and loots from the holiday events, because at this point, its pointless to play the events, and i like to play them while I'm enjoying the game activities.

    If they can't handle this game, sell it to a big company or make a offline playable version and be done with it. Because this is getting really silly.

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