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    When I play pvp, the only music I listen to is my deaths (lol), actually at that time I don't pay attention to the music, but if it is an event day and I will dedicate more than 2 or 3 hours I choose varied music , I would need more threads, so I leave this video to collaborate with your cause.
    Basically the music from before which is the best.

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    This will ALWAYS be a classic...

    Defiance 2050 = 2018's worst cash grab. 100% fact.
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    Well, because I've been gaming since I was a little kid, and because I've played lots of games over the years, I absolutely LOVE blasting some old Sega Genesis or other videogames soundtracks while playing the game. I have different songs for any situation in Defiance (I know, I'm a bit of a maniac with that). It goes like this:
    I listen to the soundtrack of Alien 3 for the Sega Genesis (Levels 1 and 2) when playing the Hellbug Hunt expedition, the Urban Reign and Yakuza soundtrack when playing the Stolen Purpose expo, the Body Count sega game soundtrack when I'm in War Below, and the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs ost ("The Underworld") and Tekken soundtrack ("Moonlit Wilderness") when I'm in Heaven Sent. Those OSTs are absolutely rad and really combine with the whole aesthetic of the expos (mainly because there's a similarity between the context of those settings and the soundtracks themselves, an example being having the Body Count ost in War Below ´cuz in both games you face mutants, the Alien 3 ost in HH ´cuz both settings are similar and eerie, and the Urban Reign ost in Stolen because you face thugs in both games). I listen to Tekken 5's Supercharged when facing most bosses, altho' I've been also trying other combinations, like the Madworld (Wii) or Half-Life OSTs when fighting bosses. It's a blast fighting Jackson or the Raging Hulker with "Death & Honor" in the background.


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