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    Yea their decision making department is pretty incompetent with all the weird crap happening to the game. I log on and I have like 2 friends still there out of like 50, but somehow ALL the people that annoy me still play lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max It View Post
    Nevertheless in PS4 D50 is the only real free-to-play

    Even a free to play title must bring in money. I like to spend a little money when I am entertained accordingly. I play a game for a few days and when I can dive into the game I buy the DLC's and the season pass regularly to support the game + enjoy the full game. If there is no entertainment (regular updates, new content, etc.), I don't spend any money. I did that in Defiance and now in my new favourite game. Because of this I will not switch to D50. D50 has much less content and it does not work well. Only people (I say with intention - not players -> people) without brains do the whole thing again with D50.

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    I have been playing this game for years now and i always had patron and occasionally i would buy something else.So that was a steady income for them I and the rest of our clan quit playing a few months back as Gamigo are not interested or bothered with defiance so why should we keep giving them money?

    The best thing they could do is pass the game on to someone that actually has a clue. Or make the server files public so someone counld run a private server i bet that would better than the shambles Gamigo have given us.I have given this game many many hours of my life and a fair amount of £££ But this is pretty much it for me.

    Oh and one of the resons there are no updaates for this or 2050 is the main game devs left/got sacked way back when trion had it.. then when Gamigo took it more were layed off. They dont have anyone that understands the code well enough to make any changes.They actually cant make any changes to the game.

    I still keep an eye on the forum as i live in hope and i pop on game to see if anyone is on sometimes. But i will never spend another penny on anything for this company


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