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    2050 300 item Inventory Limit

    Does anyone know if 300 items is the inventory limit? That’s what I have now and it’s really not that much. I had 600 items in D13.

    I’ve tried buying the 10 item inventory at the bit store multiple times and it won’t let me. I’ve gone through and eliminated what I don’t need but don’t want to eliminate fully modded event weapons.

    If 300 items is the max then it will eventually become a bigger problem as people start reaching that limit.

    FYI. I tried contacting Medjed and got no response.

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    I remember seeing somewhere that it was indeed the limit. People who migrated from D13 hit that limit quickly it seems. I think the limit was established before there was mod fusion types, and I remember back then my limit was 40 or 50 and that was plenty.

    I don't know how you manage 300. I have 130 and I gave up on cleaning all that BS. It takes me forever to reach a GRL on those days I need to kill 150 mobs with one. And outside of the dailies, I use like 4 weapons anyway.

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    Thanks for the info. It might be bye, bye, some Devouring weapons now.

    The game’s been the same for so long that I change my loadouts, i.e. class, weapon, ammo, and crystal type, a lot to change my game playing. So, I like a lot of choices to change the game a little. Yeah, it’s a little hassle to change things.

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    I have 320 now, tho how is another question.

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    I think those you get from event achievements don’t count against the cap.

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