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    99 Problems returns to Defiance 2050 - Event Notes

    Halt the 99ers, Ark Hunter! The Motherlode aided by menacing hordes of his 99ers have been released from his mine.

    From 5/18/2020 to 6/15/2020 the 99 Problems event returns to the open-world Arkfalls of Defiance 2050 and is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, across all regions.

    The event offers same features as in previous years, this is your chance to play it one more time. Below you can check the event details for more information.

    Pursuit, Daily and Weekly Contracts

    A Motherlode pursuit is available in the Holiday Goals list. Complete the event pursuit for the first time and get 20 inventory slots along with the unique title. The pursuit will not count if you have completed it during the previous event.

    Daily and Weekly contracts are also available with 99 Problems. Complete the daily contract to receive 12 Purified Gulanite and 10 Reputation as well as the weekly contract to get your hands on a guaranteed Legendary weapon with Precision Torment Fusion Set and 50 Reputation.

    Mod Fusion: Precision Torment

    Precision Torment weapons and mods will drop from Major Arkfalls, Ex Inanis Vendors, and 99 Problems Supply Caches in the Defiance 2050 store:

    Synergy: Predator

    Predator synergy can be obtained from the Defiance 2050 store in the 99 Problems Supply Cache or from Ex Inanis Vendors.

    Prototype: “The Professional”

    Fashioned after the personal rifle of legendary Pale War sniper, [REDACTED]. This returning baby automatically refills its magazine if you can score three crits in quick succession.

    Complete daily and weekly event contracts to get this returning prototype at the Paradise Territory Vendor, available only during the event!

    Grenade: 99er Explosive

    Caution, this one comes pre-”armed”… *cough cough*. Explodes on impact and deals increased damage in a smaller area. Available in the 99 Problems Supply Cache or in-game through Ex Inanis Vendors.

    Shields: Sharpshooter, Marksman, and Deadeye

    These Shields reward critical hits with a stacking Regen/Recharge delay. Available in the 99 Problems Supply Cache or in-game through Ex Inanis Vendors.

    Store Supply Cache: 99 Problems Cache

    A box full of equipment that will help you rid yourself of those pesky 99ers and increase your chances of living through the Motherlode fight.

    It contains a rare or better Precision Weapon, Mod, Sharpshooter/Marksman/Deadeye Shield, 99er Explosive Grenade or Predator Crystal. All weapons and mods have Mod Fusion: Prevision Torment along with the possibility of containing a Prime Precision Torment Weapon (Condition: Perfect/Fixed Weapon Bonuses). All weapons and mods have Mod Fusion: Precision Torment attached.

    We hope that you will enjoy this special event.

    Your Defiance Team

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    Thanks for the heads up!

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