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    I noticed there’s no mention of any event crystals of any type being offered. A big part of events is event crystals. I’ll do enough to qualify for the weekly event weapon and that’s pretty much it. Not much incentive without event crystals.

    Event mods, I need purple or oj. I have plenty of blues but odds to low for amount of time required for better mods. Although I did pick up two oj ammo mods from regular arkfalls but that won’t happen again for awhile.

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    I had to come here to figure out why I wasn't getting pursuit points. That's a bummer. Seems the only reason those arkfalls would be preferred over others (for which you can get pursuit and contract points) is to collect a gun and mods of precision bore. And also, when the game isn't glitching (which is most of the time in some fashion), it's also cool to see several descending Grid Giant Spider monsters whatever they are called.

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    don't tell, but not all pursuits for this event are disabled

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