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    Question Any new classes?

    Hey guys

    I'm back to d2050 for the event and I was wondering if theres gonna be any new classes.
    One whith the og overharge good be awesome.

    What you guys think?


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    I know 2020 has been hard on everyone, but this right here is a serious contender for the optimism of the year award.

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    There are no new classes
    Only class that has over charge which isn't great is assault class
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    Heya llls1cKb0ylll

    Nice to see you back but I am off game for a while.
    Have fractured my spine and laid up, but was taking a break from game, and now not sure if I will return, as hard for me to use a pc at the moment, and have other things that are more important than being addicted to a game I have played for a few years. Will check forums every now and then and keep updated, but definitely not on a daily basis. I have overcome my addiction to Defiance wow... I am so totally amazed lol.....

    But I wish everyone good gaming and hope you keep enjoying as much as I have enjoyed playing the game for such a long time.

    Happy Hunting

    Lorraine x

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    Engineer was the latest class released. For the current moment there are no plans for any new classes and we don’t know if there will be any more released in the future. Of course, you can always share your ideas with us. Like what type of class, you’d like to see in Defiance 2050 and what could it be.

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    New classes require developers. This game doesn't seem to have any (real) developer. At the moment mere butchers are trying to do heartoperation. Sad, very very sad...

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