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Ark Hunters, Year 2025 marks the commemoration of a tragic global conflicts in Defiance during The Pale Wars. The war took all the resources – both natural and human. Food and energy become scarce, people become desperate, leading to a number of side conflicts and conscripting young men and women across the world to fight for the cause. There was no side to choose. The crossfire has spread along humans and Votans, human versus human and even alien versus alien. In that fateful war, our brave human and Votan soldiers were taken before their time. Today we ask you to honor the life of fallen humans and Votans by taking part in our new Community Event. Time From May 25 until June 7, 10 AM PDT, we’re hosting an event honoring the brave soldiers of Defiance. How-to Take down the listed enemies with the following name plates to get your reward: Group 1: Evolved Warrior – 20 Superior Archer – 20 Hardened Shotgunner – 20 Hardened Monitor – 10 Group 2: Hardened Enforcer – 10 Evolved Mongrel – 7 Augmented Trooper – 7 Inquisitor – 2 Rewards Upon taking down the specified number of Defiance 2050 Group 1 targets you will get 5x Event Horizon Caches. Upon taking down the specified number of Defiance 2050 Group 2 targets you will get 5x Mayhem and Mutiny Caches. Rules
  • Event applies to both games, all platforms and servers and provides different target list for each game.
  • Reward will be applied only once per account, if you have multiple ingame characters then items will be credited to the character with a higher counter.
  • You can get one reward for completing each group in Defiance 2050 and one reward in Defiance.
  • Reward will be sent to every player who has a completed progression with all four listed targets with specified name plates. If one of the counters is not reached, you’re not getting a reward.
  • You can take part only for Group 1 reward, Group 2 reward or both. Just make sure that skipping even one target makes no reward for a whole group.
  • There will be no in-game tracking provided, you should make your own tracking if you want.
  • Task completion will be announced after June 10th.
  • Rewards will be sent approximately within two weeks after event completion.
  • Event rules and description are not related with the official Defiance timeline or history.
Ark Hunters, our paradise is under attack. Eliminate the enemy to honor the fallen and save our paradise. Your Defiance Team
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